Before the ukraine war, I noticed that a bunch of insults in that game were targetting Russians like saying SUKA BLYAT in a mocking tone.

Some of The U.S fan base generalize(d) russians as if they’re like this.

  • Helix 🧬
    1 year ago

    Are you Russian or did you talk to Russians online who play CSGO? Can you talk more about your experiences in that game which lead you to that conclusion?

    I didn’t play much since the war started. Before it was either regular banter or toxic behavior not specifically biased against Russians, now it obviously got worse, because many people think that the Russian people is gaslighted by their government.

    I have encountered many friendly Russians with whom I played and we mockingly insulted each other in various languages without ill will, and I have encountered many people who were toxic and started to flame right away, on both the Russian and the non-Russian sides.

    If you say telling people who don’t talk English in an international video game, when you asked them multiple times, to fuck off is ‘russophobia’, you could say there’s ‘Germophobia’ (or whatever you call bias against Germans) as well. I wouldn’t go so far.

    How can you say cyka blyat in a non-mocking tone?