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Did you do backups? If so, what did that cost?

The literal definition of circle jerk is When a group of ppl sit in a circle, stimulating the other sexually.

I’m not sure this is quite like what happened here, so I’d go with the other, more popular definition from urban dictionary you hinted at:

The act of constantly sharing the same opinion in a forum full of people who are obviously known to have the same opinion as yours

it’s not wrong, it’s just missing info.

I’ll change my comment to reflect that.


Reminds me a bit of tripwire, I wonder if that could be integrated.

It has certainly gotten better, but I still wonder if it is worth it in the end. A XMPP server with similar functionality takes 10-100 times less resources

Yep, that’s why I suggested Dendrite. It’s in beta, so not 100% functional yet, but way lighter on resources.

RetroShare and µwire are probably the only ones really guaranteeing you anonymity. Nothing is safe without a VPN or a network which anonymises you.

You don’t have to be an Exit Node with Tribler.

With whom do you want to share your library? If it’s only friends, you should be able to create a meshed wireguard VPN and just provide a file share in SMB or something similar.

maybe you can use neovim or spacemacs then? It’s also pretty lightweight and they focus on customizability.

it’s always nice to find people I can agree with :)

usually SSD space limited and Matrix likes to blow up it’s database size.

Since v1.61, the Synapse Matrix home server (which I guess you mean with “Matrix” in this case) has gotten new controls to keep the media directory smaller and you can run synapse_janitor SQL commands to reduce the DB size.

all in all Matrix server costs tend to increase over time.

This is correct.

My database of a server running since 2018 or so is about 57GiB in size and I didn’t compact it for about a year now. The media directory is 21GiB in size, however I limit uploads to 10MiB.

I guess a server with 100GiB of SSD space is plenty enough if you don’t join the largest rooms with >20,000 members. A server with 480GiB RAID-1 costs you about 24€ at kimsufi.com, so that’s what I’d plan for to run a Matrix system with a pleasant experience. You still have to do backups, of course, which adds another 10-15€ per month…

yeah, solar panels and batteries cost nothing and you don’t need to install or maintain them, and everyone owns a house. I forgot 🙃

True, SBCs are notoriously hard to get right now…

Let’s do a quick back of the envelope calculation with 5W for an SBC and 15W for a PC.


So an SBC costs you at least 0.54€ if you disregard the network traffic also using up more energy within your network (routers, switches, APs all use more energy if they don’t idle around). The regular PC costs you at least 1.62€. And that’s for a very cheap energy price – for Germany you can triple that and pay 1.62€ for the SBC and 4.86€ for a PC.

And that’s an energy efficient PC! Some of them use 50W in idle, which means you can at least triple the price again. And for 15€ you can get a pretty good Matrix server in Germany which probably has a faster internet connection than you at home ;)

It costs 6,800€ and you still have to change filters. This is only feasible for people who have their own janitor. And those people, incidentally, waste so much more than that bit of water.

If you have a decent internet connection at home, and a spare computer (eg a raspberrypi or something), and you don’t mind everyone knowing your home IP address, it could cost as little as $0.

This is not the full picture, you usually still have to pay for electricity and the system itself. It’s not free.

Please educate friends and artists about how you struggle with this. Not belittling or berating them, just telling them your way of life makes it hard to be connected to them. Maybe some will understand?

There’s countless Minecraft clones, e.g. Mineteat and Terasology. This is why supporting Indie devs and Open Source games is important.

And yes, I know Mojang was once an Indie dev. Notch should never have sold his company.

What can it do what vscode can’t do better?

Einführung in den Fefismus. (mspr0.de, 2015)
Hier wird beschrieben, warum Nerds ab und an einfach mal nichts schreiben sollten und nicht von allem eine Ahnung haben.

I installed Steam as Flatpak. How to load existing library folder?
I have Steam, Steam (Native) and Steam in my launcher list. The latter seems to be the flatpak version. Even after I enabled the paths under "other files" in Flatseal, I can't access those paths when selecting a Library folder in Steam. ![/usr/local/games shown in Flatseal Files selection](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/da99f303-d01e-4d98-9010-389bd34bc432.png) How do I access my "regular" Steam library in a non-default location with the Flatpak version of Steam?

Bei einer privaten Veranstaltung liefen mehrere Personen über glühende Kohlen. Die Sanität musste mit einem Grossaufgebot ausrücken, mehr als die Hälfte der Personen mussten hospitalisiert werden.

PSA: LinkedIn just leaked my birthday (and it could leak yours)
Even though I set the visibility of my birthday to "Only you", people were messaged on my birthday that it occurred. ![screenshot of birthday setting](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/e674a522-9851-40f2-900a-899599bf8b94.png) Keep in mind that even though [LinkedIn states that other people are not messaged when you set this to a private setting](https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/a550097?lang=en), they still are. Obviously another capitalist industrial shenanigan from one of our favourite data krakens, Microsoft.

Ars reporting about this: [New ultra-stealthy Linux backdoor "Symbiote" isn’t your everyday malware discovery](https://lemmy.ml/post/309601)

\* nicht der FDP-Politiker

Anyone know how to get a Chinese IP/VPN to verify this? Can I create a Weibo account as a foreigner? Keep in mind that these two people are outspoken anti-CCP influencers.