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My mom has a business and mostly uses Windows and Mac OS X

Do all her applications run on Linux? If not, please don’t switch. She makes money with that. Money > ideology if you can’t afford losing it ;)

deplatforming works, though.

You could for example use black balls to reduce evaporation or power lines to places where you can store energy. You can also use batteries, electrolysis, huge flywheels, synthetic oil, molten salts or the sand itself.

I didn’t say I have the optimal solution, but in a desert you have very high temperatures heating up the concrete and sand and wind eroding it and clogging up the gears and pulleys. So it’s not optimal for the crane solution either.

Every crane need a lot of dead weight for a stable position, don’t see problems where are no exists.

Yes, but why build a crane when you can also build a water reservoir?

Did you read the article?

Yes, did you? Did you also form your own opinion based solely on the article?

How long is the period of time? How long does it take for concrete to actually be affected by weather conditions?

Finde ich Mist. Das ist so schwammig, dass man sich gar nicht mehr über komplette Willkür von Moderator·innen beschweren darf.

Wir verbieten einfach toxisches Verhalten, löschen alles und das Problem ist gelöst!

Diesen Kommentar könnte man auch als Provokation oder toxisches Verhalten definieren. Warum wird er nicht gelöscht?

Third party ways to use youtube still use youtube.

Absolutely proprietary.

Probably only about 5-6 months after your 3rd.

Warframe läuft bei mir 1a, aber ich musste auch basteln. Versuch’s mal mit protontricks, protondb, Steam native vs library,…

Kannst ja mal nen Thread in !computerhilfe@feddit.de eröffnen und wir debuggen das mal? Kann wenn du willst dort auch meine Settings posten.

I also use Arch btw

My top 10:

  • Resident Evil 4 – bought this thrice: PS2, PC, Switch.
  • Warframe – f2p 3rd person looter-shooter, but no predatory microtransactions
  • Guild Wars 2 – MMORPG, f2p, but it’s more like a looooong demo
  • Stardew Valley – indie pixel farming sim
  • Control – supernatural, artsy third-person shooter
  • Everspace - space dogfighting
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – pew pew
  • Parkitect
  • Victor Vran
  • Ziggurat

more on my wiki pages: https://wiki.tilde.fun/games/start

I was anticipating more security fixes

With Linux Mint in the mix? They deliberately hold back security fixes because they’re not “tested”, whatever that means in terms of security fixes.

thanks for the summary! I use vscodium, btw (on Arch, btw, of course)

Yes and no. The answers to both questions overlap.

This is how it should be if you don’t add new features (as you said), but fix bugs. You have to explain what you did so other people understand without asking you, just by looking at the commit message.

Many people do commit messages wrong and include way less information than they should have. Suckless apps are a prime example of how development should be, although I don’t use most of them because they lack the features I want, ironically. I used dmenu extensively in the past but replaced it by rofi. I used st but apparently Konsole is also fine for my use now, as I don’t remember what made me use st in the first place.

It’s also kind of sad because you can tell that the Solar Roadways guys do actually believe in their concept (otherwise they’d have eloped with everyone’s money years ago)

Why run away when you can just make more money continually while being an amateur?

They should use Matrix so they can talk with the French and German military, who already use Matrix.

You don’t need to build a tower to store water. You can also build a reservoir by simply digging a hole.

Yes, but wiss less mass

What do you mean by this? I bet you I can buy ten tons of water for way less money than ten tons of concrete, not only because you need lots of water to make concrete…

Apart from that, you need lots of dead weight just to hold the cranes in a stable position.

Was zum Fick ist mit dem Strompreis los?

Ich bin umgezogen und habe ein “Angebot” bekommen, für 0,81€/kWh Strom zu beziehen. Was geht da ab? Also die Hälfte davon wäre ja schon Wucher……

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider und Tomb Raider GOTY gibt’s kostenlos auf Epic Games bis zum 6. Jan…

Falsehood articles are a form of commentary on a particular subject, and are appreciated by the developer community at large for their effectiveness and terseness. They’re a convenient written form to approach an unfamiliar domain by dispelling myths, point out common pitfalls, show inconsistencies …

Keep in mind serpentza often exaggerates the threat of things in China and is fearmongering for clicks, but many of the things he talks about are valid and most of the time he tries to give examples or concrete evidence…

How do I resize btrfs on a LVM LV?

I resized my LVM LV with lvextend -L +32G -r root because lvextend -r doesn’t work with btrfs apparently. This seems to have worked because I got Size of logical volume desktop/root changed from 32,00 GiB (8192 extents) to 64,00 GiB (16384 extents). and lvdisplay shows the correct size (64Gi…

Ein Kassierer weist einen Kunden auf die Maskenpflicht hin. Dann soll der eine Waffe geholt und den Mann erschossen haben. Für einen Verfassungsschützer kommt die Attacke nicht überraschend. …

What are your most useful posessions?

What things do you use the most which made your life more bearable? Where did you get it?..

Xfce participation in Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2021

3 very motivated GSoC students supporting Xfce[…]: …

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