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It’s mostly animal agriculture that breeds antibiotic instances… …

not decentralized at all btw…

How much could a banana cost, 20$?

Asexual people can like cuddling I believe

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das meint den de sub auf reddit :)

Ah I had never heard of that

But they had the google deal for years, right? Was all of Mozilla bad over those years? I’d argue they did a lot of good as well.

Vielleicht muessen wir erstmal regelmaessig die 50 erreichen, aber Wachstum kommt ja oft exponentiell ^^

Most open-source and small software projects are somewhat political. That is because people need a reason to leave the big companies, for many it is leftism, privacy concerns or a search for more personal freedom. Rightwingers end up here as well, but many also go to their own toxic silos, because they have different end goals.

If two parties each have something the other wants, and they agree to the transaction, where is the exploitation?