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I don’t even think they have a monopoly… as a hardcore gamer myself, it feels like most of my Steam library is indie games. If there’s even one Activision title among them I’d be surprised. Microsoft yes because I have Minecraft, but that’s the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

Big “meh” to this. Microsoft? Activision? Is there even a difference?

I think that’s because these things become real for you when you’re the victim of them, so for example someone who suffers as a victim of racism now has race made an important and real thing to them, whereas people who don’t suffer in that way can be “not interested” in it because it’s not real to them.

Exciting headline, but I looked into it a little further and it is as of yet not abolished, nor has the government said it will do so. However, there is hope I guess that it will not come back after protests have forced it into remission.

I wonder how the bright people over at and lemmygrad are attempting to explain this. Probably what hfkldjbuq wrote (“funded and led by the CIA”).

Yeah I definitely get that. What I wanted to say was just something along the lines of, “statehood equals terror”, so by all means…

While I don’t disagree, all states pretty much engage in terror.

CaspianReports is not as good as it used to be, I think. I stopped watching it a long time ago.

And then when Lemmy adopts the AT protocol it will become the world’s biggest social site

Religion is already an identity, so you can’t turn it into one…

Admittedly I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I came at a set of options after reading articles online and looking at the documentation. I ended up with this set of options:


noatime and nodatacow should obviously increase speed because it’s just doing less. I have not yet determined if autodefrag is worth it, but in theory it helps the mechanical disk in the long run by having it seek less. You lose some performance I think especially when a lot of data is being written, but my expectation is that it does more good than harm.

I tried alternative approaches like disabling autodefrag and enabling datacow but with compression to see if compression would significantlly boost performance (by taking some load off of the disk and putting it onto the CPU/RAM, which are faster on my system), but that didn’t help at all and I just went back to nodatacow.

I guess the smartest thing would be to just replace the disk with a fast SSD and this problem would probably just go away, but even today computers are still shipping with very slow hard drives, which doesn’t agree with Linux anymore.

Note: Also even before btrfs when I was running ext4 I still had to tweak it like disable atime and turn off journaling. For my use case the best FS is probably FreeBSD’s file system, which doesn’t need journaling or cow, but can just do soft updates which keeps the FS healthy and doesn’t cost anything. A power failure could only result in unwritten data but never file system corruption.

I find that the pros outweigh the cons. I had to disable datacow and a couple things but overall I got more or less the same performance in the end plus some nice features like pooling storage.

btrfs performed very poorly on my slow spinning drive 🦥 so I had to disable most of its features. A tool like this might still be useful for me

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question about driver support. There are lots of Chromebooks and I haven’t tried installing Linux on any of them, but I’ve heard from people that they’ve successfully done this and are happy with the result.

My point of view is that if you are going to buy a Chromebook, then you must want ChromeOS and what it offers. Otherwise you’d just buy a regular notebook, new or used. A lot of computers now even come with Linux pre-installed.

A Chromebook is a good utility device. You don’t have to tinker with it. It makes sense as a gaming system too. People who aren’t tech-savvy can just pick one up and start using it, install Steam, and carry on. The OS is light and maintained for you, so don’t have to worry about maintenance.

I guess for Steam you had better get a Deck instead, but I guess a Chromebook then doubles as a device for school/office, general computing, and even development. It also runs Android apps, and so on. I have to say, the thing I like least about mine is the nonstandard keyboard. It makes using key combinations like alt+shift+up/down impossible because the OS in my case maps alt+up and alt+down as pageup and pagedown.

I must be weird but I never dream about school, and I work in one, too!

Given that it’s all open source, there will always be a way to get all of this working, but maybe one potential or temporary low-tech solution is to offer accounts on the XMPP server for Lemmy users individually per request, meaning not everyone gets one automatically, but anyone can ask for one. It would however, be nice to have it all linked together and be automatic.

Maye one day Lemmy could even have a chat feature in the browser which just uses the XMPP backend. Anyway, I think it would be great to have an XMPP account on Maybe e-mail too?

I vote for XMPP. I would join the chat room(s) if available. The domain is awesome.

Regarding integration, I know from experience that Lemmy supports xmpp: URI’s. I would also suggest making changes to the source to allow users to add their JID to their profile if they can’t already. (Maybe you can by using markdown in your profile?) You can probably replace the Matrix field with an XMPP one with a simple edit.

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