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What assets are not risky ? All assets are more or less risky. I think you are asking two different questions. What level of risk should take pension fund ? And who should bear the risk ? In France, they tried to solve this issue by investing as little as possible and giving cotisations of the workers to retired people. The risk is minimal but they did not profit from the rise of shares’ values. An interesing way to get answers to your question is to look who is currentely bearing the risk for pension funds and how retirement systems work in different countries

I agree, I don’t use neither the app but I might to help debug it

Never, I accepted they belonged to the past. They are a beautiful part of the past, but still I don’t regret it. We grew up from the relation and we are better elsewhere

I think some economists tried to figure out what the share of unemployed people was supposed to be but there is no golden rule yet

Lemmy is working great on the web (desktop + mobile) but it should be noted that some people are still complaining about the app. Furthermore, genzedong might turn away some new people and repost are frequent on some lemmunities (lemmy communities). But discussions are different (in a good sense) from the one on reddit. I think the lemmy is great and I hope it will have a bright future

So the stock market and the bond market are a positive-sum game. There are more winners than losers. Cryptocurrency starts with zero-sum. So it starts with a world where there can be no more winning than losing. We have systems like this. It’s called the horse track. It’s called the casino. Cryptocurrency investing is really provably gambling in an economic sense. And then there’s designs where those power bills have to get paid somewhere. So instead of zero-sum, it becomes deeply negative-sum.

I can use internet in french and I know that korean and japanese internet do exists. The question seems so weird to me. Other non-english countries do not have websites in their languages ? If I wanted, I could use mostly french websites to browse the web.

They detail their business model in this blog post: https://quad9.net/news/blog/quad9-and-your-data

It seemed honnest to me. Furthermore, it is non-profit organisation. Am I wrong to trust them ?

I think your question is misunderstood. Are you asking: “Is Microsoft using my PC or laptop to rent some power through Microsoft Azure?”

The essay denies the existence of Ukraine as an independent nation. Noting the large number of ethnic Russians in Ukraine, Putin compares “the formation of an ethnically pure Ukrainian state, aggressive towards Russia” to a use of weapons of mass destruction against Russians. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Historical_Unity_of_Russians_and_Ukrainians?wprov=sfla1)

I’d be Ukrainian, I would like to join a defensive alliance to protect me against Russia. I am sure you can understand why they wanted to join Nato. By the way, you can read the whole page and you may see why some ex-part of USSR are so scared by Russia that they joined NATO

how do you explain such low mortality if there were a genocide ? It has been 8 years!

You did not answer the question.

Words have a meaning. Ambiguity is a logical fallacy that Putin is using to justify war.

I agree, the intention is an important part. But the genocide is not the “intention of destruction” but the “intentional destruction”. So the figure are also important. Seen the figure, no genocide has occurred.

However, I continue to think there is no legitimate reason for Putin to invade. If there were Ukraine’s intention to destroy the Russian Ethnic, how do you explain such low mortality if there were a genocide ? It has been 8 years!

Sorry but the video is unrelated. It is released after the invasion. The guy is a POS, tho