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It's Cinny, yeah yeah I know, It's electron. But we nhekochads won't be the ones using it.

[Help needed] making a list of Reddit FOSS/Leftist related communities
I'll have to contact all foss related communities' moderators to further accomplish the objective from the [last post](https://lemmy.ml/post/76834) FOSS: | Name | Description | | ---- | --------- | | [r/opensource](https://www.reddit.com/r/opensource/) | Open Source Community | | [r/linux](https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/) | All things Linux and GNU/Linux | Leftist: | Name | Description | | ---- | --------- |

Evangelizing Lemmy
Nutomic, one of the main devs has stated that he has one problem lemmy can't solve with just development, it needs more users to fill in all the empty communities. he asked us if we could help. I always had a clear idea of what needs to be done in order to evangelize these platforms. In the case of lemmy however, it is a unique one. It's not user focused at all, It's purely on the community and topics. Logically then, If you want to evangelize lemmy your wouldn't want to go to twitter. You would go to places like 4chan, Reddit, Quora, or forums. as these places are *community focused*. Normally what I'd do is crosspost things from mastodon to twitter, simply advertise the account on my bio, but on community focused platforms that's not effective. The focus is on the community, not the bio. therefore: The best way to do this is advertise lemmy on the community page itself. **Every FOSS/Fediverse subreddits should point to a lemmy community.** Example: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/BhF3rxQE4A.png) --- Special thanks to [@ianrextor@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/ianrextor) and [@libre_warrior@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/u/libre_warrior) for participating in this community in such an early stage, It motivated me alot to do this.

r/Fedivangelism - Fedivangelism community on reddit, Mainly for crossposting.
We'll be utilizing reddit to reach a more broader userbase.

Creating things online
Creating things online There is an untapped potential for us to attract even more users from around the internet. I knew about few little things about the fediverse beforehand, but actually had not joined it, on youtube there is only a few videos talking about the fediverse, varying a bit from informative to not so. after I knew exactly what it was I was immediately interested in the concept of federation. I remember seeing one person saying their instance suddenly had a bunch of users coming in, and it was because someone had covered about the fediverse and linked their instance. This information is useful to us. I know none of you people here are youtubers or content creators. In writing and researching things I intend to help myself if no one else. I've always want to create things in the cybre-space. and have I not know what exactly the reason is, at the start it was maybe I looked into blogs and people were writing about what's happening to them, like diaries. The more obscure things that people do in these blogs, They create stuff that shake the core of my spine, Gruesome, bloody-eyed creatures, who in which have difficulty in posing in an angle, like a ghost oblivious to It's surrounding, therefore, acts only in a grotesque way. Things you might not usually see people make in real life, these things aren't necessarily bad, but unusual. in real life people tend to hide their uniqueness because of social norms. In the video creator space also, there was those kinds of people who do whatever they wanted. This doesn't mean that you have to become unique, that's not the point. Do what you want to do, you already have something in you, your own passion and character will lead you to that answer, and it will change from time to time, don't let other's expectations or view of you destroy your potential. the keyword is embracing everything even when It's a flaw, being comfortable in your own body. That's when people become something more. There is this perfectionist mistake people tend to have; when they start out they tend to wait until they have reached an ideal position. whether it's if they have the ideal equipment or It's the "perfect" creation idea for their first video or blog. You can start even with your awkward/weird way of speaking (I'm one of them), or a mundane topic. So, Do it now, I dare you to. If you're waiting to do it, You'll never do it. --- When you start making videos/blogs/etc. (as this is the fedivangelism community) there is a few things I'd like everyone to do together. First thing to do in non-fediverse platforms, you need to use your fediverse handle as your name e.g. `Lain (@lain@lain.com)`, this is to normalize the idea of fediverse' existence. then after you can put links to your fediverse socials, whether on a youtube video description or on a profile bio. If you want to give more effort you could let know your followers that you're there. For on example in a youtube video: ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/M8DdXXnoy9.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/V1khvnjQVD.png) "I'm on a decentralized platform called peertube, You can find the link in the description." *video starts here* ::: spoiler Credits: ``` Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license Attribution to David Revoy Modified Slightly by me, The black backgrounds and the subtitles. ``` ::: Before you go on your journey to create things in the internet. I wish you luck on what you're doing, and I hope we can make this happen.

Fedivangelism: About.
Fedivangelism, a similar to the christian definition of evangelism. it takes different methods of communicating and do not have a religious figure, simply take it as "Evangelism of Cybrespace". Fedivangelism is also close to the term "Devangelism", A decentralized cult for people who advocates for it. ##### Activities First things first. We don't have a strategy on converting people. We might discuss different methods of doing so, from the obvious and not so obvious, and to the ones you can do passively in conjunction to your normal activities. Understanding psychology is crucial to do this effectively. We'll also discuss on things that will likely get people interested/rope people in to federated platforms. In any case, if you want to discuss a topic you yourself might find. You should definitely do so, we have alot of things to talk about regarding this matter. ##### Politics and Enemies In It's mission to convert people who uses centralized means of communications, It is also a heavily political act. Our obvious enemy is one that are usually associated with centralized services. The people who want to collect our data, mostly advertising companies and goverment entities. They all have malicious objectives that harm us, and people out there don't know what's coming. ::: spoiler Politics In which, in order to understand the harm it could make. You will need to understand the psychological designs, and It's objective. For the most part It's ally are the capitalist owners who suppress the flow of information they don't like, they simply don't want people to critisize them, and they definitely don't want us to start a organizing a revolution. They own the platforms. They decide which things are radical and which things to ban and set the narrative so us people think that we can't do anything about it, but we can. The examples of topics they deem too radical: - Climate change - Other ideologies leaning to the left. - Surveillance While most of us dislike right leaning ideologies, we have to remember our main goal here is to give back social media to the people, empowering them, not necessarily to change them. ::: ##### Reason Some people might join us because they care about others well-being, their privacy, and stopping digital means of harm; addiction, Doxxing, Consumerism though targeted ads, Digital Domestication(Brainwashing and behavioural programming). Secondly, to have a better world to communicate with.


While were here. I'd like to address theming on several context. on linux we should have at least one client that uses gtk for theming. GTK (and other theming format) is great on linux. On android however there is no such thing. sure you can theme the ui a bit but switching to every other app feels overwhelming because it doesn't look the same. a nitpick perhaps but I don't like it. All open source apps should use gtk themes or a derivative. I've talked about this already, If you're on any instance of pleroma you'd see that they really utilize theming to the limits. but the other half of the time you'd be using your phone with tusky. but it doesn't look the same as the instance theme (e.g. [disqordia](https://discordia.space), [cdrom](https://cdrom.tokyo), [udongein](https://udongein.xyz) ) Compare all of that with just the clients. it just gives you a light mode, and a dark mode. I think there is a potential for fediverse to get new adopters from mobile users. no other social media app is using custom themes like fedi, but believe me most of the users on social media are phone users. I suggest that in whichever way, devs should give theming options on mobile clients. pleroma already has theme packages in .json, this should be a breeze to intregrate in husky. The internet is meant to be diverse, Right? what's stopping fediverse from doing this

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