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I don’t think the majority joined this server for its leftism. People joined because it’s called “lemmy.ml” and seems to be official/ “the right one”. I believe many people actually get scared away from lemmy when their feed suddenly gets filled with communism. Who had the glorious idea to build a decentralized network but at the same time give its own server the name of the network ??

This doesn’t explain anything. What an unnecessary anecdote. Everyone can abstain from being too political, including the Lemmy admins

Funktioniert jetzt. Musste die App updaten (aber über Aurora, nicht F-Droid !)

Wenn ich mich in der Android App Lemmur anmelden will wird die Instanz nicht gefunden. Auch nicht als als bloßes ‘feddit.de’ (ohne https). Woran kann das liegen?..