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IMO if you’re starting with your project is understandable, they seem to have a shit ton of money put on it, thought, so that may make it a bit unforgivable, but things can change.

Yeah, the Web3 shit is a bit fishy but maybe they are doing it because it attracks customers, the IPFS thing is a nice addition although the MetaMask shit is not, ultimately, if they provide a good and free e-mail service and the rest does not interfere I am good with it though.

Regarding the PDF thing I think that is optional for inputting it, since I was able to copy the code to my password manager.

Is this a bittorrent client or for a tracker web site?

I think he could be at a gymnasium so he could be winning and losing against himself in order to level up a lot of accounts, or maybe there was an event for a rare pokémon and he could have it on different accounts and sell the account or pokémon or something.

The only places I can think of are torrenting sites, otherwise you have to get lucky a find a web site that streams it, but not the best option in terms of quality and security and such.

nyaa.si is a good one

Joe Rogan said some shit like “geTa A VVork!! u LaZyyy miLLen1als!!1!!” and he is with that mindset whereas years back he was telling his fans to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams and stuff like that. I think there has to be a few other kind of things, basically he becoming more right wing, which could be the expression of him getting quite a lot of money for basically being in front of a camera saying stupid shit and money transforming him into a piece of reactionary shit.

Yeah, I know, I didn’t saw that on their readme, still I don’t understand them not wanting to release the server code.

What do you mean they don’t exist? I know they have since long gotten away from the hardware market but I’ve seen multiple video game releases over the years either as publishers or developers. Granted most are remakes or sequels of old games, though.

IMO this should get state funding dude, it is Japan’s historical heritage at this point. I honestly can’t believe they weren’t doing ends meet or something, in a country like theirs where video game culture is so strong.

Looks amazing, I have doubts how they are going to handle killing NPCs, though, since the films were so “if we kill the others we are like the badies” like, but here there were some times when it’s hard to believe an enemy could resist those attacks and not die.

I hope they do, anything that makes the Windows experience shittier is a win for Linux somewhere.

Nice and mature response, a lot better than shitty Linus’s video.

I have to do a poll, but it will most likely be that way.

Regarding the politics, I feel you, and I agree everything is political and such, but I think there’s a middle point where most people can agree it’s bearable, and other times not. For example, I really hate seeing liberal memes, and I’m sure liberals hate seeing Leninists memes here but there are gray places when it’s hard. I think I will leave it like this for now.

cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/142315 > >On March 2, Chinese regulators published a new draft of rules on notifications and pop-ups. The rules hope to stop Chinese apps’ excessive use of the tools and control what content gets shared in the notifications. > > > >Why it matters: Chinese tech companies widely use notifications and pop-ups to promote their services. New rules curtailing their use could hurt service providers such as Baidu, Tencent, and Meituan, which rely on such methods to promote their products and generate profit from advertisements.

It would be nice to do a poll, though, and see what people think.

I was thinking the same regarding comics, since a lot of people post them here and they are not memes, may be a good idea to do the same with everything that’s not a meme.

I was also thinking the same as @morrowind@lemmy.ml and maybe having separate communities for political memes may be a good idea, and leave /c/memes just for plain humour, although this can be harder to do since a lot of stuff ends up having politics in one way or another.

I don’t know if I should take this decision by myself just because I’m a mod, though, so maybe hearing out what the rest have to say is a nice idea.

If it were up to me I’d go with Rust because it’s fast and nice, but it’s going to be harder to do since not many people know it, but if you think you can keep the project alive enough until you get help it would be ideal.

I think this is something super useful because what happens to me is that there’s not a really good way to organize images unless you keep two copies of the same file. Let’s say I have a meme about chess that also involves politics, should I store in my “Politics” folder or in my “Chess” folder? With a tag based system you only add a tag which makes it appear on both places, so I wish you the best of luck.

Regarding music I wouldn’t care to use it because I’d rather have a music player that does the same that what you’re proposing but and has a music player integrated into it, which is not something you should add to this software unless you make it really bloaty, at least with e-books and images you generally have another software which just opens it and that’s it.

Also I think some level of hierarchy is needed, so that you can keep stuff within stuff. For example I could have an “Image” tag, and withing it, different tags like “Memes,” “Video Games,” and so on. At least for me, I wouldn’t want to have video memes along with image memes, for example.

Yeah westerners are so “civilized”, you fucking Usonians are the biggest beasts I’ve seen in the world so shut the fuck up when speaking shit about third world countries your people has been annihilating for the last hundred years.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/152291 > > The right has meant to create intrigues among us and they will not be able to. I believe in this new time, it is worth it to build a new action mechanism with the people. The constitution of 2022: A new system of 1-10 of a new government. > > > >We are working on our technology articulation, so that the people have direct participation and communication with all govt instances, from the popular power to municipalities, to regional and to the national power, [this is] the first line, 2022 - 2030. > > > >Second line: the construction of a problem and solution map that would allow them to build construction agendas to majors, governors, popular councils and national government. > > > >Third line of action: the establishment of an action agenda of community action to every base of popular power in the country. A concrete action agenda. AKA to provide order of direct communications of action and solutions to our people. These are three elements that together should give us a new organizational way, technological, for the solution of national issues of the real problems of the people. A 1-to-10 of the new govt, map solutions, and they can create action agendas for the popular power. We should integrate there. Those that do not integrate with the new times will become dinosaurs. Times pass by and if you do not formulate policies to go with the times you end up as a dinosaur. Maduro dinosaur. Bolivarian revolution dinosaur. That's never gonna happen. > > > >I set this plan with the goal of eight years (2030). True to the wonderful legacy of commander Chavez and this bicentennial stage that should finish victorious when we are celebrate our 200 of the physical disappearance of Bolivar in 2030. > > > >''Our commander Chavez fixated 2030 irreversible character of the Bolivarian revolution. 2030, irreversible character of the socialist revolution of the 21st century. And that's what I set, today. The goal of medium-term period of all of our revolution, building new methods, for a new time of transition to socialism, that's how I declare it. A new stage of transition towards socialism: 2030, irreversible.