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The Bible may seem the obvious answer from a western persective, but really how much have its specifics affected society? The Quran, on the other hand, is considered essentially all-knowing and unadulterated in its religion, so is probably a lot more influential, even if you think that Islam was less influential than Christianity, which is debatable.

communities already group topics, though

i know it has many flaws, but wouldn’t a drop-in implementation of matrix be perfect here? at the very least better than making your own protocol

made thanksgiving dinner with my uncle and aunt on thursday and went shopping with friends on friday. i got the complete consumerist american experience this week haha. the shopping trip was the first hangout i’ve ever arranged and the group is also pretty much the first real friends i’ve ever had, so that was really cool

apt is easier (probably only because i’m used to it) and snap takes up a fuck ton of space. at one point it took up like a quarter of my entire hard drive, then i started deliberately avoiding snaps

hmm i’m interested to know as well

so you just want multiple accounts, with different purposes and audiences. see, you’re thinking with the mindset of locked-box social media, where boundaries are set by the platform, but on the fediverse people and communities set their own boundaries with near-complete freedom. there are plenty of fediverse apps that allow multiple accounts, and let you choose which ones to post to when you make a post. one is fedilab. if you really want, for some reason, your multiple accounts can all be on different softwares, but it will be no different for your followers than if they were all on one software

edit: reading your other comments, it looks like you do literally just want to post in one place and have every post go to both people that moved to friendica from facebook and to pixelfed from instagram, which will of course be different groups of people. the thing is, that is literally the entire concept of the fediverse, that is literally exactly what it is in its entirety. maybe you’re underestimating the lack of friction? if so, you should know there is practically none when it comes to mastodon and pixelfed, and i’m pretty sure friendica as well. just give your friends on pixelfed and those on friendica the same exact mastodon account to follow, and don’t tell them it’s a mastodon account, and they will be none the wiser

you can follow a pixelfed (and i believe also friendica) account from mastodon, and vice versa. lemmy is also getting there, and is already there with friendica. so instead of posting to multiple softwares you just have people pull from different softwares, and the frontend agnosticity (is that a word? lol) is there

Hitler really does have a way of getting into awkward situations doesn’t he!

(srsly tho was that like a popular look back then? why does he look exactly like Hitler)

this could end up as an Embrace, Extend, Extinguish if it becomes the primary client that people use. but vivaldi is pretty niche and they open-source most components, so that makes it less likely

yes, their mail and calendar are great. such a breath of fresh air from the usual bloatware i find in corporate tech. i use open-source apps instead, but i can’t deny the convenience of having it all in one app, and the better UI from it being a corporate development

why not just make a separate platform then. he doesn’t get the legitamacy, established name or running infrastructure of twitter if he reboots it. best he’d get is the accounts, but if none of those are logged into again what are they good for?

3G, data, or cellular data when we’re being verbose. now it’s switching from 3G to 4G as that becomes the dominant thing

not knowing a password isn’t not knowing the law that requires you to know the password

I read this in Trump’s voice and couldn’t even tell the difference. especially that last line

states don’t have rights, people do. people have the right to do whatever they want as long as they aren’t impeding anyone else’s such freedoms or harming them. imo migrants that work within the existing system, take up jobs, and make an honest living aren’t individually doing that, so they have a right to migrate. but in some cases, large influxes of population can collectively create economic hardship for everyone in an area, and so only in cases where that is actually happening, the pre-immigration residents have a right to regulate the population influx, probably through their elected form of state. this sort of immigration that strains resources, and also often brings people incapable of doing work in their new environment, happens often in developing nations from rural areas to urban ones, and almost always those migrants are accomodated and welcomed, mostly because the state doesn’t have the resources to stop them, and individuals are generally kind to those around them. i really really doubt, however, that this has ever happened in the US, Canada or (modern) Europe. imo (which could be wrong) people there are just worried about being forced to live alongside those that look and talk and act differently, and they don’t have a right to oppose that because anyone who does that is not impeding anyone else’s freedom or harming them

i’m not too bothered by bernie sanders or his supporters. i agree with most stuff he says, and he seems to have an integrity and sincerity that i haven’t seen in any other politician. but i’m not american and i think talking about people or parties instead of political issues themselves is usually pretty useless, and that modern “democracies” are designed with them at the forefront precisely so we don’t focus on actual issues. i think we could have a more productive discussion on universal healthcare, minimum wage, or another policy he claims to support

start with learning html. sololearn.com was the best a few years ago, though there may be better resources now

I don’t remember most of the terminology haha because i learned like 4-5 years ago. But I do CFOP, which I believe includes F2L but uses a different method for the third layer. I learned 4-step orientation and permutation when I started CFOP, then started learning 2-step/advanced, but stopped short of 4-5 cases. I also use a few algorithms from the basic method, for orientation, so I do this weird hybrid thing lol. I don’t think I can ever get back to learning full, advanced CFOP because it’s just muscle memory now and I don’t remember any algorithms by heart. I’m starting to lose that muscle memory now too, even though I pretty much always have a cube in my hand to play with. if I ever get a summer off or something I’d love to practice a bit and maybe attend a tournament. have you ever been to one?

is solving a rubiks cube still rare? i can do it in like 25 seconds, but my PB is 17s

that’s good for whom? the ruling class?

Much better. Maybe the best I’ve ever felt. Been meeting more people and might even be making some friends. It’s a slow process though, which can get me down sometimes. Also doing more of the things I want to do in life. How have things been going for you? Do you feel like you’re doing something in life? That sounds like a jab but i honestly want to know, because i always worry that i’m not

maybe it takes a lot to grow them up, and they have to be fed regularly too

it has been 3 days can you please just explain what you mean

my depressing ass thought you meant that we individually are all alone, because there is no true human connection and everyone is a selfish actor. but yea aliens are cool too lol

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so cute 😄

i suppose, yes. but we also create posts and have accounts and have feeds, just like Facebook. so you’ll have to specify what your issue is

i only see good news here!

idk why but at first i read it as him helping workers hide from their bosses, and i somehow almost believed it. i hope this never takes off

or just make an unofficial sub, since creating community is the goal

could this be used on lemmy to detect the porn spam we keep getting? maybe on the bigger instances at least

Minecraft is always great for socializing and building community. maybe as FOSS enthusiasts we’d play Minetest instead

my dark mode has a grey background and it looks perfect on that. idk what frontend you’re using though. it would definitely disappear in front of a black background. either way this is for posters and such, so you can just choose an appropriate bg color

ah i didn’t know that, that’s pretty useful! especially if you’re comfortable with manually writing links, which i am

i’m pretty sure if you just open a sub from your instance that will cause your instance to become aware of it and include it in searches. but you may be right

the biggest difference is that F-droid lists only open-source apps, but there are many others that you may not care about as a beginner to this sort of thing

probably because regardless of your politics, they will invoke strong emotions or make you curious