The files contain over 1,000 accident reports involving phantom braking or unintended acceleration--mostly in the U.S. and Germany.
Helix 🧬
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Looks like Tesla cars are pretty dangerous both to their drivers and to their environment.

I’m sad to see that we get way more Teslas and BYDs on the streets from day to day. These E-car companies don’t seem to have a high regard for human life, but a very high regard for profits at all costs.

People always praise Tesla’s and other e-car companies’ “innovative methods” but if these are anything like described in the article, I’d rather be conservative than dead.
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Phantom braking and object detection problems aren’t surprising.

Some videos of Tesla detection software show black rectangles, representing detected objects, regularly pop in and out of existence, sometimes flickering.

If the input is bad or jittery, whatever software that tries to pilot a car will have issues. If the software take object detection at face value it’ll brake for no reasons. If it tries to filter object that are detected only a few instants, it would increase reaction time for real objects.

Helix 🧬
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Garbage in, garbage out. Reducing the sensors to just use camera data and not having safety protocols to prevent the user from engaging self driving mode doesn’t help Tesla’s case here.

@Helix @Hirom from all considerations, technology is not ready and won’t be ready for considerable time.
But it has been bad bet for Tesla and others so it might be hard to admit that.
Advanced cruise systems make much more sense, and are more effective against their costs of R&D.

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