I have a Prometheus builtin one in my Thinkpad and even though the mainboard firmware sucks, the sensor has libfprint support.

Now I want to switch to a Clevo NV41 which has coreboot thanks to Novacustom and 3mdeb.

But I dont want to type my password that often and I use Fingerprint everywhere.

Plasma 6 is said to have Webauthn / Fido2 keys support, which could be a solution, but apart from that, I would like a USB fingerprint reader.

These Benns ones where reported to work years ago, but they are not available anywhere anymore.

I already tried one from ARCANITE (through Amazon) and it didnt work.

I think some are not actually sensors but security keys with password storage and fingerprint unlock?

Does anyone know USB fingerprint sensors that work and are available? I would also be interested if these are actually secure or some cheap stuff that is very insecure.

Out of curiosity, do Android phone sensors work? I had an IR one on mx Pixel 7pro that I swapped from a broken display to a good one, and that could totally be done on a laptop (if you get the flat cable…)