Small reactors make no economic sense, despite the boost by Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and lobbyists.

Among their key points:

  • Nuclear power more expensive than renewable energy on a similar scale
  • None of the problems of waste disposal have been solved
  • It’s so expensive financial markets won’t invest in it, so it requires massive public subsidies
  • No one is prepared to insure against the full potential cost of environmental and human impacts of accidental radiation releases
  • Construction timelines are too long for it to make a contribution to stopping global warming-
5 Monate

When people say that nuclear is a stopgap to stop using fossil fuels while renewable develops. Well, that might have been valid a few decades ago, but renewable is pretty damn developed now. So its value as a stopgap is now seriously reduced and we should just start building out renewable power. Renewable isn’t a pipe dream anymore, and the stopgap should just be to start building the infrastructure at the efficiencies available now and upgrade in the future as needed.

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