I tried switching to Neo Store but it felt… Way more complex than an F-droid client normally is? Right now I’m content with Droid-ify because it’s neat and simple.

What’s Material Design?


design language used by Google for the past 8 years in various iterations.

The main purpose of Material Design is the creation of a new visual language that combines principles of good design with technical and scientific innovation. Designer Matías Duarte explained that, “unlike real paper, our digital material can expand and reform intelligently. Material has physical surfaces and edges. Seams and shadows provide meaning about what you can touch.” Google states that their new design language is based on paper and ink but implementation takes place in an advanced manner.

Which pretty much means everything and nothing at the same time. It’s seems like a bunch of pretentious designer dudes at Google actually discovered what “design” means, and thought they have invented something new, leading them to call “design” -> “Material Design”. They seem to think that only “Material Design” tries to manifest as something structured in the brain of the user, as if every UI design before did not do that as well.


I seriously have trouble to not see this video as satire.

Cold Hotman

That video made me sad.

Cold Hotman

A design language, basically how the apps are supposed to look. The biggest changes from Holo (old android style) to Material is that everything is bigger, bloatier and round. Next up is Material Me iirc, even bigger, bloatier and more round! 🤷‍♂️

You can see some examples here.

I liked the old Android style.


Whoa, never knew about this one. Thx, seems much more polished than droid-ify.

Good stuff. Loads fast and has many repositories added by default, same as Aurora Droid but loads much faster.

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