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Six weeks ago I started to learn Blender and have spent every spare minute with it ever since, including my summer vacation. After working through the manual and watching several tutorials online, I followed the Donut Tutorial and the Søborg Chair Tutorial, both are aimed to beginners, by Blender Guru on Youtube which really helped to understand the logic of the program.

Here is the result: I modelled and animated my MacBook Pro. The modelling process took approximately 3 weeks (after work and on the weekends), with many setbacks and two crashes during the animation process. The laptop screen film clip, which is a screen capture made with Qucktime Player, inside the main animation must have been too much at this point and resulted in a crash twice. The setup of the animation took me the whole weekend - rendering the 693 frames in total took approximately 18 hours.

To get the proportions of each part right, I made vector drawings from illustrations and photos of the macbook. I might add that I made these vector drawings using Affinity Designer at an earlier occasion which was unrelated to this modelling project.