Hello, I am subscribed to the communities on slrpnk.net, but if I want to find them it’s very difficult.

I don’t remember their names, because they’re new.

When searching for slrpnk on feddit they don’t show up in the search results. I think only the community name before the @ is found in search results, the instance name isn’t.

This would be fine if there was a way to limit search within a specific instance.

It would also be very useful to show communities listed by instance. That way I could find at least a list of the slrpnk communities that feddit is connected to.

Also, when looking at the “List of communities” and clicking into the “All” tab, there’s a search field as well. When searching here for slrpnk I end up in the same search panel as when searching with the top search function, it can’t search for instance names. Here it’s very counter-intuitive for it not to work.

Anyways, great stuff otherwise, enjoying my time here.


Why not just: https://slrpnk.net/communities

Because your local instance will likely not have all their communities anyway.

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