“Cwtch is decentralized and focused on metadata-privacy in addition to communications privacy. Unlike other communication platforms, none of your messages are routed through a centralized server that has access to metadata such as your social network of friends, or who sent and received a particular message.”

Looks like it’s based on the onion-routed protocol used in Ricochet, so should be fairly robust (but not yet audited).

    • FuttOP
      510 months ago

      Yes I did some testing, looks really good (polished, responsive UI) and works great as an instant messenger. Also tried setting up a group server, works fine too - although the group functionality is a bit immature yet. There are some challenges; offline messages are a no-go due to the peer-to-peer nature of the protocol, and by design it has no presence indication or stuff like that (which is fine by me). It can also be a bit sluggish, depending on your route and who’s DDOSing TOR nodes at any given time…

      I love the multiple (ephemeral) identities feature; you can make as many identities as you need and keep them around as long as you need them, and switching between them is painless. Only thing missing is all my contacts switching over I guess.