Almost inevitably, most of the people joining Lemmy instances are former-reddit posters those who consider it a ‘reddit clone’ as opposed to an independent link aggregator site. This can be seen in the most popular communities (simply recreations of existing reddit subreddits), terminology (people saying ‘sublemmies’ or ‘subs’) and most importantly, habits.

What social habits have you seen that are commonplace on reddit but should really be discouraged among users moving to here?
9 Monate

A somewhat related behaviour is voting based on the score, e.g. downvoting a deeply negative comment. I fell for this too and I am so glad that you can disable the displaying of the score so that the only thing that matters is content.

A particularly egregious example on Reddit is /r/catsstandingup. Like, it’s already a joke subreddits where you’re only allowed to say one thing, but then you see some people with HUNDREDS of downvotes for saying the only thing they’re supposed to say while everyone else gets upvoted. Not that I care (I’ve never even commented in that sub), but it’s still really stupid, especially on what’s supposed to be a wholesome, non-serious community.

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