Was trying to fix a damaged outlet in my rental unit, as per usual landlord didn’t want to fix it.

I don’t have a breaker /fuse box in my room.

So, tired of the outlet, I decided to change the outlet entirely with the breaker turned ON. I considered putting a friend on speaker in case I died, but in my fever pitch I decided against it.

So here I am wearing 2 pairs of rubber gloves per hand, with random unrubered wire wrapped around my body in a way so that if I got shocked, the electricity would have a path to travel to not blast my heart / chest / head.

I do the outlet swap a roo. Ancient super boomer outlet, it’s wired differently. Wires charred to hell. One of the wires is brittle and snaps. Half way through random arc, a loud pop, my screw driver goes flying the live wire hit something.

My entire unit lost power.

Panic slightly before realizing that it’s not so bad, now I won’t die. I finish the swaparoo.

I call up the landlord, with some bs excuse ready.

He doesn’t ask and just goes and flicks the fuse back on.

My fuse works. My actual face: XD


The outlet doesn’t put out enough to kill a person iirc

Get wrecked landlord, guess who just increased the value of your unit!!

I have another damaged outlet to fix, but part 2 will have to wait!

(Also, wtf one 15a circuit for the whole unit?)

I still don’t know where the screw driver flew)