So, I will make no secret that I’m rolling my eyes at all of that marketing stuff that goes up every year. But I’ve been thinking, it doesn’t have to be so superficial and pointless. Maybe there’s some rare exception out there that took the opportunity to say or do something meaningful.

Did you come across a company or organisation lately that use the occasion to take some stance beyond feelgood buzzwords or implement a policy internally or in their area of operations that is of at least some importance?

  • agrammaticOP
    18 months ago

    A message that says that when you go into a National Rail train or a Starbucks café you can feel safe.

    But is that message backed up by anything concrete? In a different comment thread here, I linked to a local initiative called Emergency Entrance where this is backed up by an action plan that participating venues need to adapt at a shop level and carry out at any time of the year.

    I even saw a float from the Premier League in Brighton and we know how much work is still needed there.

    That goes against your thesis though. It’s an example of a well-known organisation that did not do nearly enough work to be considered safe, and yet it can very easily adopt the colours without any tangible commitments.

    I understand that maybe corporate participation in Pride sends such a message of safety. But if that message isn’t backed up by concrete actions to offer actual safety, that can even be dangerous.