You know I'm a committed user of the fediverse,  perhaps this post will surprise you. Still, at some point the truth has to be told, before lying leads to a catastrophe. I think I've been present in the fediverse (sometimes hosting a pod of some software and sometimes not) since
11ein Jahr

I don‘t understand why this is upvoted. It‘s pretty clear from the start that the author is not interested in constructive criticism. I don‘t have any stake in ActivityPub, and not really an opinion whether it is a good or a bad protocol. But this article is just an angry rant, and a complete waste of time.

5ein Jahr

The tone of the article is really unpleasant, and its conclusions appear too bitter and vague to be really trusted, but at least it addresses specific points who fueled interesting discussions in this comment section.

I upvoted the post, not becuse I agree with the content of the article, but because of its potential for interesting discussions, that makes it a good addition to this community.

3ein Jahr

Sadly, I had not read the comments from because is blocked on for whatever reason. The detailed rebuttal from indeed makes this thread worthwhile, and I would love if I could upvote that comment.

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