Since the influx of new users coming to ! (after /r/genzedong was quarantined), that community seems to be overwhelming the “Active” algorithm.

Currently, 14 of the 20 posts on my frontpage view of are from that one community. Perhaps lemmy’s “active” algorithm could be adjusted to prevent a single community from dominating the front page to this extent?

(I realize I could just unsubscribe from it, and also that I can use the “local” tab to ignore everything from other instances, but I don’t want to do either of those things.)

  • @sexy_peachA
    32 years ago

    You could go to settings and click blocks and block the community?

    Also maybe try out the “Hot” sort type?

    • Arthur BesseOP
      42 years ago

      It is the case that the “Hot” view does show posts from more communities at the moment.

      But I’m talking about the “Active” view of the “Subscribed” tab, and as I said I don’t actually want to unsubscribe from it (much less block it) - i just would like to be able to see other stuff in that view too.