• Feyter
      8 months ago

      Well obviously… But as a German I must say there is no possibly to use PeerTube in any legally save way in Germany.

      That is not the fault of PeerTube of course it’s the fault of copyright mafia and German politics. Since PeerTube uses P2P to distribute load among all (which is extremely clever and should definitely not change), German law makes you responsible for anything you upload even if it’s in a P2P manner. So if you just accidentally clicked on a video containing Copyright protected Material or illegal content, you are seen as contributor of this content with all consequences.

      So imagine going to jail because you clicked the wrong video… This is as stupid as it sounds and needs to change. Sadly German public is not carrying about this enough. I hope PeerTube will become more popular one day so that people are confronted to this insane law more frequently.

      • @xapr@lemmy.sdf.org
        48 months ago

        Wait, I thought that PeerTube was peer to peer in the sense that the various PeerTube server instances were peers, and not the users clicking and watching videos were peers. Am I mistaken? It seems that in order for the users to peer, they would need to either install a client program that would do that, or make some heavy browser security approvals. If it’s the servers that are peering, then this law shouldn’t apply to the users.

      • @andruid@lemmy.ml
        38 months ago

        You can disable the sharing aspect and just download. I mean I agree it’s the law there that is wrong.