• tryptaminev 🇵🇸 🇺🇦 🇪🇺
    106 months ago

    As a matter of fact they are not. Otherwise we would see a drastic shift in policy and voting behaviour, given how strongly the climate changed in the past decade. But instead people vote conservative and reactionary again, after they lost their homes in wildfires, floods and storms that can be reliably linked to climate change, and whose occurence renders their home area unliveable in the long run.

    We had a flood two years ago in Germany killing over 200 people. Our former conservative party, now populist reactionary, removed a law for flood protection just two month prior to the devastating flood. And the people most affected voted for them again in the upcoming election. And that was after the parties chancellor candidate laughed heartily in the background while the president held a speech mourning the victims.

    The people are either dumb, or ignorant or both. They’d rather die than change anything in the slightest way.