• @BaumGeist@lemmy.ml
    42 years ago

    I just recently started noticing a new brand of SEO that keeps plaguing my search results at work (I avoid Google at home):

    Anytime I search for answers to a question all the top results are these sites that are visually plain, written at a low level of reading comprehension (in very basic english), divided into sections that are one or two paragraphs each headed with a similar question to the one I searched. Sometimes there is a list of all the questions somewhere on the page, sometimes the answers are helpful, and it’s usually the article that Google has pulled for the “Featured Snippet” or the “People Also Ask” questions.

    Technically they do answer my questions, but I took notice because it feels so much like a page engineered for page views that it feels wrong and I like to verify sources before just accepting some random answer that “The Internet” gave me.