Don’t know if this goes here or in /AskLemmy, but just wanted to know the best FOSS social networks, why are there so good? What would be the propietary equivalent?

1ein Jahr

What would distinguish a libertarian instance from in your opinion?
0ein Jahr

less censorship. less “that’s not okay here”. less throwing around of sentences or words that are meant to silence you (as though by silencing you, that changes you!). Smacking people over the head with your “truth” works for some, but makes enemies of others. Libertarians usually don’t do that. They discuss things and each of us learns or understands better - even if we don’t change our minds, we don’t shut down conversation and can become more tolerant because now we understand how the other feels or thinks without the drama of name-calling, crying/shouting, shunning/shame…those are manipulative tactics that insult one’s intelligence. There has been a feeling on most social media that what I say is being logged to be used against me for the cancel-culture to use and/or that I cannot speak freely. I’ve almost given up on social media…or, on humans. isn’t so far left that I cannot handle it, but I really like open dialogue and think I am open-minded enough to learn from it - if it is presented in a logical, precise, timely (blunt, short) manner.

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