tl:dr at the end.

I am one of the many people that were active in Reddit but I am also one of the ones that is going to delete their Reddit account on the 12th of June and move to Lemmy(Fediverse) full time.

I have encountered a specific issue though which I am not sure how to solve.

I wanted to create the equivalent community of /r/greece here, but I can see that the /c/greece is already existent but moderated by a user that is now banned, so that community is in limbo. People recommended 2 things:

  1. Request the community in !
  2. Create a new /c/greece community in another instance.

I have encountered an issue with both of these solutions.

For the 1st solution, I created a request post 2 days ago which went unanswered(either accepted/declined) while other posts after and before mine, have been answered/resolved. I can understand there has been an increase in users and Dessalines can’t administrate/moderate everything on their own but I can see that there are multiple Admins in and I believe they should be doing something or step down and appoint other people there that want to do it. I have since, recreated the same request post in hopes that I can get the community and bring it to fruition.

For the 2nd solution, I had created the /c/greece community in but the problem is, that by going there I cannot find any community using the search functionality. I have 2 windows open, one logged into and one in and when searching the same term, brings massively fewer results for communities so even if I wanted to use my account on I would have to use another instance to even FIND new communities. I am not sure why the reduced number of results but I guess there is an admin setting there that allows for federation with fewer instances.

TL:DR Why is the searching for communities so vastly different between instances and how can users overcome it to discover new communities?

  • @nachtigall
    31 year ago

    I do not know the technical details but it might be that this comes from ActivityPub (the protocol used for communication between servers). Also the way it is now it is easier to host small instances. If all communities from all across the fediverse were fetched, the storage requirements would skyrocket. This way you would only fetch/store communities you are actually interested in.

    As suggested by and, a possible solution would be including a central index (like the one mentioned in my previous post) in apps and browse communities there, and then only fetch it when someone accesses it there. One could argue that this would be against the decentralised philosophy but since nothing stops you from the “old way” it could be a viable compromise IMO.