The Fedizen Enquirer
To submit an article, just post it on this sub. Example: TIFU I accidentally licked the sweat off my best friend and now he's invited me back to his house
So me and my friend really like to go swimming and we ended up going to the sauna afterwards (we both have subscriptions to go there for free). We started wrestling in the sauna because nobody was there but the guy tried biting me (softly) so I thought it would throw him off if I did the same but I was too far so I went for a lick for the extra range. Instead of him getting off tho he moaned and I was like df????? After that I said it was weird and to get off and he then did. I felt pretty creeped out by the experience. We left the swimming facility to go get some food (McDonald’s is a really nice place after a swim). Then he invited me to go over his house next week. I'm utter freaked out legit so weird… Should I go or politely reject the offer? I’m afraid if I go he might have the wrong idea tldr: licked my friend’s sweat and now he’s invited me out over his place but I can’t tell if it’s weird or not… --- If this was OC i would use it

Name + discussion
Nobody suggested or felt particularly drawn to a name so i picked this one. If y'all have a better name in mind, post it below! I don't want to be the CEO of this, i want this to be an equal opportunity This sub will at least bring all the discussion together to one place, as well as giving you a place to submit posts. What would the paper look like in your mind? And then, imo, the hardest part, where would we share it? Potentially like, to a few people’s mastodons. Do any of us have control of subreddits or like discords or instagram accounts that we could leverage? Eventually we could make a dedicated mastodon acct, but i'd recommend holding off on that until we have something to publish. # Ideas: We could even include minigames like sodokus or crosswords, since og papers have those. We could include original content games too. Instead of having a comic, we could have a OC meme. There are a bunch of memers we could ask If this gets big enough, list this on your resume/CV If someone likes cooking, it can have recipes Ideally it's all Original Content rather than pirating # Todos - We need our first article - We need ideas for a layout - What file format will it be? pdf? - Who’s friends with lemmygrad peeps? yogthos, the solid snakes, agreeablelandscape etc make good try hard posts that we could use, somebody ask these guys. - Icon

Anyone interested in creating like a lemmy/fediverse news paper?
cross-posted from: > I've seen a bunch of try hard posts where a lemming goes around and gathers a bunch of information and makes basically a news paper article. Basically that but with fancy pancy formatting to make it look like a newspaper. > > It could literally be about any topic. I believe this the model that medium and huffpost blog thing follows. Not to mention, reg news paper have opinion pieces on random topics sometimes. > > Like you could write up a thing about that time your [dog did some crazy thing like making friend with a racoon]( > > It could also be someone writing an article like one of [dessalines]( or [joepie91's]( > > Something like we make a few posts on a sublemmy, then like end of the month someone formats them together in like a pdf knock off thing and we pass it around like the internet like mono at a frat party. > > Objectives: just for fun, the spreading it around is for [!]( and to build [!fedizenry]( among all fedizens. > > I dont have a name ready. The fedizens periodical? Lemmy times. The Fediverse post. The Daily Fedi. Fedizen Enquirer. [Here's a news paper name generator](

“Without a paper – a journal of some kind – you cannot unite a community.”




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Lemmy dot C.A.
A canadian-run community, geared towards canadians, but all are welcome!

Welcome to Lemmy.CA!

“Lemmy dot C.A.” is so named due to it running the Lemmy software (see the links in the very bottom right for more info), being part of the Lemmy side of the Fediverse, and it’s (somewhat) geared toward Canucks, hosted in Canuckistan, and run by a Canuck. It is, however, not at all restricted to Canucks, or Canuck culture/topics/etc. All are welcome!

We have some rules here:

  • No bigotry - including racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, or xenophobia. Code of Conduct.
  • Be respectful. Everyone should feel welcome here.
  • No porn.
  • No Ads / Spamming.

(Much of this is all based on the well-established groundwork of the Lemmy home instance,