India is a semiconductor design powerhouse. Nearly every major semiconductor company has a presence in India, designing some of the most advanced chips in the world. But once those designs are completed, they are sent to the United States, China, South Korea or Taiwan to fabricate. It begs the question. Why can't India fabricate any of the chips they lay out? In the 1980s, the Indian government attempted to follow China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Korea, and Singapore in creating their own semiconductor manufacturing national champion. Things got off to a promising start, but then disaster struck. And the company - along with India's entire semiconductor manufacturing industry - hasn't recovered since.

What is GitFlow and why is it a bad idea if you want to practice Continuous Delivery or Continuous Integration? GitFlow is a feature branching strategy that adds several extra layers of complexity. Git Flow is bad when we need fast feedback and a clear picture of the quality and 'releasability' of our work, so how do we adapt to get that faster feedback and a clearer picture?

For some reason this popped in my head - talk about a flash in the pan tech craze. Link to verge article just because.

Here is the video, courtesy of 9gag:

Iran announces that it used crypto to pay for imports, bypassing US sanctions
cross-posted from: > The anger and racism in the slashdot thread is hilarious.

crossposting because it's a very good article: >Marx: But it’s not just that it would become a huge revenue stream that would transform the business, it’s more just that I think there’s this general faith in technology and the way that technology develops and that they can achieve these things. Because I would say it’s not just Google who had that faith in self-driving technology, all these companies who are working on it did to a certain degree, and really believed that it was something that they were going to be able to figure out and make a reality within a few years. Then they had to be hit with the hard reality of how difficult to realize their goal actually was. I think it just speaks to a bigger kind of faith in technology that exists within many of these companies and even the society as a whole, to a certain degree, that you just kind of turn these big data sets toward what you want to achieve. And they eventually figure it out. And time and time again, I think we’re seeing that’s not really being realized.

cross-posted from: > Help us translate the subtitles [on our translation tool]( > > > > **Animation Produced by** [LILA]( - [ZeMarmot Team]( > > **Direction & Animation** by Aryeom > > **Script & Technology** by Jehan > > **Voice by** Paul Peterson > > **Licence**: [CC-By-SA 4.0]( > > > > **Sponsored by** [Framasoft]( > > > > **Sound by** ORL - [AMMD]( > > > > **Music**: "Dolling" by CyberSDF - [CC-BY 4.0](

Rumors, happenings, and innovations in the technology sphere. If it’s technological news, it probably belongs here.

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