ChatGPT took their jobs. Now they walk dogs and fix air conditioners.
Technology used to automate dirty and repetitive jobs. Now, artificial intelligence chatbots are coming after high-paid ones.

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Export reddit data?
Does anyone know if there's an easy way to do this, besides a lot of cutting and pasting? Did a little settings diving over there, but couldn't find anything.

What do you think of foldable phones?
Seems like foldable phones are taking over (e.g. [Motorola Razr making waves]( and only Apple is missing an entry in this form factor now. Almost everyone who can afford one swears by it with the exception of weak build quality. What do you think? Anyone has one? Personally, I'm betting on rolling screens (like [Oppo X 2021]( which seems like the most convenient take.

Bypassing SELinux with init_module
Good technical write up on how this could be exploited

Do you use reddit mostly through the app or web?
Because I only use web, on mobile and desktop. I can't live without adblock.

This is A.J. Brown, not Ella Irwin

Why is it so annoyingly hard to set up a Fediverse node?
*Everyone* (and their mother) have been trying to convince me that I should use one of my less loaded servers to be a Fediverse node. However, all Fediverse software packages I checked *only support* being installed on complicated systemd + Docker machines. My servers don't have either of those, because neither systemd nor Docker even *exist* on OpenBSD and illumos. I know that it would be *possible* to manually install (e.g.) Lemmy, assuming that I won't ever need official support, but I wonder why the world outside a limited subset of the Linux ecosystem is - *at most* - an afterthought for Fediverse developers. How can I help to change that?

The US Air Force is discovering one of the classic problems with neural networks; they will use any means necessary to achieve their goals.

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Is the whole AI apocalypse thing overblown or not?
I must confess to getting a little sick of seeing the endless stream of articles about this (along with the season finale of *Succession* and the debt ceiling), but what do you folks think? Is this something we should all be worrying about, or is it overblown? ![]( EDIT: have a look at this:

“Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter’s pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year […]” keep running as is. creator of Apollo, a popular Reddit client for iOS, relays his talks with Reddit about upcoming ridiculous API pricing.

In a surprising move, Japan’s government recently reaffirmed that it will not enforce copyrights on data used in AI training. The policy allows AI to use any data “regardless of whether it is for non-profit or commercial purposes, whether it is an act other than reproduction, or whether it is content obtained from illegal sites or otherwise.”

L after L. I liked the tesla cars for a while for their interesting technology. But they haven't changed much over the last few years...

Human Extinction Makes for Brilliant PR
"Big Tech’s warnings about an AI doomsday are distracting us from years of actual harms their products have caused."

Time for a drive upgrade. This HDD I'm replacing is the last remaining component from the pre-built I bought in 2018. [@technology](

It's pretty damn crazy how far we have come with this technology. I remember seeing the early showcases he talks about.

Elon Musk Goes Silent on Twitter After Arriving In China
[Let's enjoy the silence, shall we?](

The Apocalyptic Delusions of the Silicon Valley Elite
Couple months old, but worth reposting, I think.

How will your technology provide concrete benefits?
> A good rule of thumb is that if the person talking stands to make a lot of money from the thing they’re hyping and can’t tell you any concrete benefit, maybe it’s all just hype and you should be circumspect.

[@technology]( This is just a test post from [#mastodon]( I am curios whether it works

The Dutch government wants to automatically and administratively gain permission to target the victims of hackers
A proposed addition to the existing Dutch Intelligence and Security Services Act would extend a warrant requested to intercept the communications of a specific hacking organization automatically to the victims of this hacking group. Or, more concretely, if your computer gets hacked by group X and there was a warrant to intercept the traffic of group X, the Dutch services would gain automatic approval to also intercept your communications or hack you.

Emily M. Bender about AI bros
When the AI bros scream "Look a monster!" to distract everyone from their practices (data theft, profligate energy usage, scaling of biases, pollution of the information ecosystem), we should make like Scooby-Doo and remove their mask.

[The Web Applications Working Group]( has published [Web Share API]( as a W3C Recommendation. This specification defines an API for sharing text, links and other content to an arbitrary destination of the user’s choice. The available share targets are not specified here; they are provided by the user agent. They could, for example, be apps, websites or contacts.

Demo of a p2p reddit alternative
Found it shared by the creator in this reddit [thread.](

The HTTP client person as seen from Gemini
a response to a blog post [posted here earlier]( the link is a Gemini link; if you don't have a Gemini browser, use this [web proxy](

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