Legal documents from a Meta lawsuit against Bright Data, a former contractor, indicate that the Facebook owner paid its partner to scrape other websites.

how can i configure lemmur program??
hello, does anyone know how can i set up correctly lemmur software?? is it stable?? thank's for all and excuse me, i'm a new bbay in this net.

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The proposed Chat control EU law will not only seize totalitarian control of all private communication. It will also ban open source operating systems as an unintended consequence, the VPN provider says.

Investigation revealed potential bias and transparency issues surrounding the increasing use of algorithms within the troubled child welfare system in the US. While some see these tools as a promising way to help overwhelmed social workers predict which children may face harm, others say their reliance on historical data risks automating past inequalities.

Despite knowing of “very serious failings”, MI5 continued to handle the data of millions of people unlawfully, according to a landmark judgment, handed down by the Investigatory Powers Tribunal. The ruling shows that surveillance laws “are not fit for purpose and fail to protect our fundamental privacy rights”, say activits.

Supposedly, this will be released one week from now.

The proof-of-concept would be a breakthrough for healthcare, security, gaming (VR), and a host of other industries, and would overcome issues affecting regular cameras, such as poor lighting or simple obstacles like furniture blocking a camera lens, while also eclipsing traditional RBG sensors, LiDAR, and radar technology. It also would cost far less and consume less energy than the latter, researchers noted.

Rumors, happenings, and innovations in the technology sphere. If it’s technological news, it probably belongs here.

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