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there is no KNOX on my phone . is my data after formatting protected?

i have a Samsung galaxy M30s android 9 , and before doing a factory reset, i used a password for lock screen and i know that this phone galaxy m30s have no KNOX , so is my data after formate protected and encrypted by FBE (file based encryption) or not ?..

Tig: Git Interface That Actually Does Everything??

I used to look through the commit history using the web interface, but I discovered this tool yesterday, and it makes it so much more pleasant. I wish I knew about it before, so I leave it here for you to take a look at it. I wonder if I can change the cursor line opacity though, it makes the text h…

how to print checks in QuickBooks online

If you are making a buy the usage of a handwritten take a look at, or in case you need QuickBooks Online to print a take a look at for you, you want to go into a take a look at in QuickBooks how to print checks in quickboo…

Software reliability is hard. …

In my opinion programming surveys should focus on development area and leave demographics, personal questions to someone else. …

What Should I Do If Unable To Choose Another Cash App Card Designs?

Are you one of those who are confronting a wide variety of hitches and hurdles while trying to change Cash App Card Designs? In such a case, you should pick your cell phone and dial a phone number via which you will be able to have a word with the ingenious Cash App professionals regarding the same…

There is a crisis in software development. …

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