Never quite saw him saying that, but I guess a broken clock is right at some point. Woke has become the broadest, lamest statement that seems to have very little meaning other than thinking something is progressive. Basically, woke means nothing now. Don't get too excited for a sudden change in Trump. He's only saying this to piss Ron off

I am out of words. Not surprised, but it's such a low. Imagine promoting anything this hateful, or even anything made by [matt walsh](

Will the recent SCOTUS decision make this strike illegal? If so, I say f*ck 'em, do it anyway ✊

Have you ever wondered why officers like to ask how much cash someone has that they have pulled over? Probably one of the worst laws that is easily abused (as written) in the U.S. is Civil Asset Forfeiture. A simple way to describe it is legalized robbery by law enforcement. This is one of the ways that the law essentially treats the victim (property owner) as guilty before a trial has even begun. **Law enforcement does not even need to charge you with a crime to take your money.** In order to get your money back the property owner would have to sue the federal/police organization. This means spending your own time and money to fight in court to prove your innocence (rather than law enforcement having to prove you guilty). In most cases the property owner will spend more money fighting in court than they would get back if they won their court case. In other cases, law enforcement will generally offer a small percentage of the money back. I get that these can be useful laws when actually taking down criminal organizations, but we really need to fix the laws so that law enforcement only gets the money/assets when the offending party is actually guilty of a crime. As of 2021, only Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, and North Carolina have completely overhauled their laws to require that prosecutors prove the owner's guilt. 36 States (and the District of Colombia) have taken steps to scale back these forfeiture laws, however, the vast majority of them have a major loophole in which law enforcement can partner with federal departments (such as the U.S. Justice and Treasury) and split the earnings from a forfeiture. A little over a week ago a jury rejected a truckers claim to money that had been seized (even though no criminal charges have been brought against him). They took $40k that he had gathered together and was on his way to buy a truck. Additional Sources: John Oliver also did a video on this 8 years ago:

F*ck Alito. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is the working person's friend👍and also happens to have coolest name on the SC.

Quebec moves to ban planned obsolescence, ensure products can be repaired
TL;DR of the effects of the bill : - Require manufacturers and retailers to ensure replacement parts and repair services are available at a reasonable price. - Require products can be repaired with ordinary tools — without causing irreversible damage. - Create a specific time frame for different types of products during which manufacturers would be required to repair them. - Require that car manufacturers ensure their vehicles can be repaired by any mechanic, and not just at affiliated dealerships, and that those manufacturers make vehicle data needed to diagnose issues available to owners and long-term lessees, or their mechanics. - Allow people who purchased a vehicle within the previous three years to have that vehicle declared "seriously defective" by a court and cancel their purchase contract if major issues persist after multiple repair attempts. - Begin the process of establishing a universal charger that would be required to work with all electronic devices similar to that of the European Union. - Issue fines up to $125,000 or four times any profit they made as a result of violating the law.

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Banners on websites offering English in Quebec tell readers to not read unless they are parts of exceptions made in Bill 96

Rights defenders welcome Australia’s decision to end judicial cooperation efforts with China, claiming it violates judicial sovereignty of countries across the world
Australia is the only Western and democratic nation to have such an agreement China's National Commission of Supervision (NCS). Signed in 2018, Australia's Federal Police said the agreement will now lapse and not be renewed. China has actively been trying to build legitimacy around the NCS as a counterpart in international judicial cooperation by entering into cooperative agreements, trying to make inroads into democratic countries.

What do you think of antinatalism? I think it's stupid and worrying that their ideas are gaining traction. I am not opposed to people not having children or representing themselves as a block, but the idea that having kids is bad is just plain dumb. My own experience in life makes it reek a lot like mental health issues in those who are antinatalists.

CNN reported that the audio recording contains the sound of paper rustling, as if Mr Trump was waving a document around. The recording also reportedly captured laughter after the ex-president noted that he was not permitted to show the document to anyone.

I consider one of the justices to be 100% illegitimate, and two of them to be *potentially* illegitimate.

An interesting read on how the Oath Keepers use natural disasters as recruiting platforms by providing relief aid to people susceptible to their message.

House approves the Biden-McCarthy debt ceiling bill as default deadline looms
>House lawmakers have passed a piece of compromise legislation brokered between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to avoid an unprecedented debt default with just days to spare. >The House approved the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023 Wednesday evening with a vote of 314-117.

Moldova’s breakaway region of Transnistria continues to enjoy “de facto free gas” from Russia’s Gazprom – a situation which satisfies no one but ensures political stability in the Russian-controlled region, the country’s energy minister says. Victor Parlicov, however, also says that this situation is fragile and not sustainable in the long run.

My father, Henry Kissinger, is turning 100. This is his guide to longevity
Can't wait to read the comments for this one (on WaPo, I mean, though comments on my HK nudie pic are welcome as well 🙂) ![](

Russia sends untrained conscripts to defend its border in Belgorod, officials threaten relatives calling for authorities to “pull their sons out” with prosecution
While the Belgorod conscripts aren’t officially participating in the war, they regularly come under fire; many have suffered injuries, and at least seven have been killed. At the beginning of the war, the country’s leadership, including President Vladimir Putin himself, promised that no conscripts would be involved in the “special military operation.”

desantis twitter announcement failed lmao
can't even do an audio stream to 400k people xDDDDDD Join in the next "twitter space" to even increase server load :)

Salting = getting a job with the intent to organize a workplace.

When citizens are voting away the democracies they claim to cherish, they are driven in part by the belief that their opponents will undermine democracy first, a new research has shown. The findings suggest that "aspiring autocrats may instigate democratic backsliding by accusing their opponents of subverting democracy". The authors claim that "we can foster democratic stability by informing partisans about the other side’s commitment to democracy." Here is the study:

Under pressure from the outside world and increasingly fearful of internal resistance, Wladimir Putin’s system is turning increasingly to the old Soviet dictatorial playbook. A search for enemies, external and internal, is central and denunciation is its tool. The state encourages the lowest human traits and builds upon its repressive system.

Assange supporters open to a plea deal with US
Julian Assange's wife Stella and his lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said that a plea deal was one option to end his incarceration in the way a negotiation led to the release of former Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks in 2007. “For Julian, this is a life and death situation. Julian has to be free and that is the primary priority,” Stella Assange said. The Australian lawyer for Assange, Stephen Kenny, who also acted for Hicks before his release, said he was doubtful the US Department of Justice would be open to a plea deal. “My assessment of the American position is that they are quite content to see Julian suffer as long and as much as possible."

Earlier this month the Chinese government announced that it was planning to “improve” district administration, an overhaul that would see the number of publicly elected seats slashed. The day after Paul Zimmerman, the vice-chairperson of the Southern District Council, where he represents Pok Fu Lam, a quiet, middle class residential area home to a number of international schools, wrote to the 5,000-odd residents that the changes would “ultimately [be] a loss for everyone – the public, the city, and the government at all levels.”

Hope I'm not going overboard with all the pro-union stuff I've been posting. Guess I'm a bit jealous since I can't join one, but I do think that having stronger unions in this country could really help improve the quality of people's lives.

The Kremlin will remain committed to undermining Ukrainian (and Georgian, Moldovan, Armenian, and the list goes on) democracy and sovereignty for as long as Putin remains in power and maybe longer if Russian autocracy continues. And the Ukrainian people have already proved their mettle: They will fight for their democracy until the day Russian forces leave Ukraine.

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