The removal of the memorials in Hong Kong came after Beijing imposed a sweeping national security law on Hong Kong, leading the local government to essentially ban public commemorations of the 1989 killings. The 2,000-square-foot display includes newspaper clippings, letters written to protesters who were sent to jail, a bloodstained banner and a tent.

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Sue's News: "Amy Coney Barrett kneecapped unions, Iowa showed how much it hates kids, and other shit that pissed me off this week."

Amid the usual scrubbing, searches for the Siton bridge near Beijing’s university district where protest was held in 2022 also return no results around this year's anniversary on June 4. Last October, white banners with large red characters criticising the Chinese Communist party were hung over the bridge in advance of a major CCP congress.

Taylor Swift Fans Have Amnesia
Not quite as humerus as I had hope

Global consortium led by Credit Suisse buys Ecuadorian bonds for less than half their face value in exchange for nature conservation
In a debt-for-nature swap, Ecuador effectively bought its own debt back at a knock-down price via a fresh loan, and in return, the country pledges to spend about USD 18 million annually for two decades on the conservation of the Galapagos Islands and to capitalize an endowment for the Galapagos Life Fund (GLF).

This bear is my spirit animal.

A total of 883 people were known to have been executed across 20 countries, marking a rise of 53% over 2021. However, the use of the death penalty remained shrouded in secrecy in several countries, including China, North Korea, and Viet Nam — countries that are known to use the death penalty extensively — meaning that the true global figure is far higher.

>In his first response to being indicted by a federal grand jury, Frederick County Sheriff Charles “Chuck” Jenkins denied having “any financial incentive or fraudulent intent” when he helped a gun dealer obtain machine guns to rent out to the public. >“Sheriff Jenkins’ entire role in this alleged conspiracy, was to sign the letters put before him,” his attorneys wrote in a new court filing. “At worst, Sheriff Jenkins was duped by Krop into providing these demonstration letters, without ever knowing or having reason to know that Krop’s motive was to gain financially from special permission to possess and to import, even to obtain, these weapons.” For those of you who aren't familiar with Chuck Jenkins, the current Sheriff of Frederick County, Maryland, here's a brief summary. He's a MAGA Republican who has spent his taxpayer-funded salary to [pose for photos with Lauren Boebert at Mar-A-Lago]( and stated on WFMDAM's Morning News Express Podcast on June 30, 2022 that "every Democrat in America is trying to destroy this country." There are other egregious statements of his out there, but that should tell you everything you need to know. He won re-election in 2022 but was recently indicted on federal charges by the Maryland U.S. Attorney's Office, for allegedly falsifying multiple documents on the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office letterhead, requesting machine guns for evaluation and demonstration to the Sheriff’s Office. The indictment further alleges that the owner of a local shooting range, Robert Justin Krop, drafted these documents for Sheriff Jenkins, and that both men knew the machine guns were intended for rental to Krop’s customers, not for demonstration to law enforcement. The press release detailing the indictment came out on April 5, and Sheriff Jenkins has been on leave since then. He and Krop have both been arraigned and entered pleas of not guilty, but Jenkins and his legal team were otherwise silent until yesterday. They appear to be pleading ignorance, which doesn't seem like it's the best thing for his public image, and it'll be interesting to see if Krop will quietly allow Sheriff Jenkins to throw him under the bus like this. As of right now, no new court dates have been set for either defendant, and it's unclear whether the two will be tried separately or via a single trial.

Moscow denies attacking Ukrainian civilians, but the recent torrent of strikes on Kyiv suggest a concerted strategy with clear objectives, " says Dr Jade McGlynn, Research Fellow in War Studies at King's College London.

European security is expected to loom large as 48 European leaders gather in Moldova on Thursday (1 June) for a summit staged as a show of diplomatic force vis-à-vis Russia.

Does Andrew Tate Own Casinos with the Mafia? - an OCCRP investigation

The women who spoke out against the Tate brothers: rape, violence and sexual exploitation

Jessica Tuomela has crossed finish lines, won gold for Canada and travelled the world, but one of her most vivid memories will always be one close to home in Saanich, B.C.

Facebook, Instagram to block news stories in California if bill passes
From Australia to Canada, Big Tech has resisted lawmakers' efforts to force them to pay news publishers for carrying their articles. Now, that battle is playing out in California.

Saudi Arabian woman detained over Twitter and Snapchat posts promoting reform
Manahel al-Otaibi, a 29-year-old certified fitness instructor and artist who frequently promoted female empowerment on her social media accounts, was accused by Saudi authorities of using a hashtag – translated to #societyisready – to call for an end to male guardianship rules.She has not yet been convicted or sentenced and remains in detention. But previous similar cases suggest that public demands for fundamental women’s rights – including inheritance rights, and ability to end a marriage by an abusive husband – have been deemed seditious.

Erin O'Toole says the Canadian spy agency informed him that Beijing's campaign used social media, specifically the Chinese-owned messaging app WeChat. "My parliamentary caucus and myself were the target of a sophisticated misinformation and voter suppression campaign orchestrated by the People's Republic of China," O'Toole says.

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