help me choose my next distro
I'm resetting windows 10 on my Thinkpad T580 for work but would like to create a partition for linux. It's an older laptop and really chugs through games like Minecraft or RuneScape but I enjoy playing relaxing games while I listen to audiobooks at night. I grew up using windows which is why I've mostly used Ubuntu and ZorinOS in the past but I'd like to expand my horizons to something like kubuntu. I value good UI/UX design and something lightweight for my old potato. Any recommendations on Linux distros?

Linux gaming on an Nvidia graphics card
So I've been a little wary of installing Linux on my desktop since I have a 1660 ti as a graphics card and read that there are some problems with drivers and such. Are my fears unfounded/outdated? Anyone experienced any problems and what Linux distro should I look to use for gaming?

What launchers do you use?
Seems like every week over on GamingOnLinux there's an announcement of a new launcher. Personally I only use Steam & Lutris. Lutris for my gog games and BattleNet, Steam for everything else. I don't know of a good reason to use Heroic, or any of the other new ones over Lutris / Steam, but maybe I'm missing out.

Any feedback for me?

The comments are pretty interesting...

I made it to 10 Episodes :) How do you like it so far? Should I keep going?

I uploaded another video, this already is a series of sorts.

cross-posted from: > Hey y'all I recorded an hour of normal gameplay, hope someone here likes chill and no talk gaming videos ^^

cross-posted from: > Hi fellow lemmings, I made a third video ^^ > > For now I will stop. > > What's your opinion on 30 vs 60 fps for content like this? I suppose 60fps requires nearly twice the bandwidth and storage space. The three videos that I uploaded are recorded at 30fps.

cross-posted from: > Hello fellow lemmings, here is the second part of the Factorio tutorial! > > Maybe I'll record the third one one day.

cross-posted from: > Hello fellow lemmings, today I recorded myself playing the Factorio tutorial :) > > What do you think of this, is it interesting? > > If this is too short for you, I upload the second tutorial level as well!

Has Steam Deck done good for the rest of the linux community?
I was wondering if steam deck's existence made linux gaming better for you folks who do not have a deck yet game on a linux machine, as im afraid it did nothing for me at all. I'm trying to see if its failure to influence my side of linux gaming is purely anecdotal. Thanks!

GPLed our game catalog
Today we put our first game, "Meditation 5" under a GPL. With this, all our games are "liberated"; the source codes are all available and put under GPL3; for "Acid Flight" and "Meditation 5" this also goes for the assets except of the fonts (that we don't own). **Our games:** **The Vaults of Minos** is a roguelite precision platformer with very fluid controls and an refined level generation. Assets are non-free, but you might download the demo and place the binary you can build from the source there; the resulting game will have all features available. ![]( **Acid Flight** is a version of "Icy Towers" put on steroids. You might experience a texture glitch when starting it, in this case just restart the game (might require a few attempts). ![]( **Meditation 5** is an minimal, abstract light gun game designed around taoist philosophy that should be played with a controller. ![]( Check them out!

Which linux-ready gaming titles have you snatched from the steam winter sales?
Which titles are you ready to play on your linux-powered machine, be it pc or steam deck? I'm having a blast with Death Stranding (albeit performance can be a little groggy on my dated i5-7500); I then plan on playing DOOM (2016) and Hades.

1080 TI vs Rx Vega 64 with Pop OS
I'm getting handed down either 1080TI or Rx Vega 64. 1080TI definitely has better benchmarks however how is experience of them being used on Linux (I use Pop OS)? If Rx Vega provides stable / reliable experience then I would pick that. [EDIT/UPDATE]: picked up rx vega, pretty good out of the box experience

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