What game is improved the most by mods?
I know most of the Bethesda RPGs have massive mod support, and there's games like Minecraft that have more mods than anyone can imagine. I would consider those games pretty playable in their vanilla states. Would you say there are any games that were "saved" by modding? Or that are still kept alive by thriving modding communities? What are some of your favorite mods?

Apple has a Proton-like Game Porting Toolkit for getting Windows games on Mac

What ttRPG are you playing right now/ or are you planning on trying soon?
I am interested in what RPGs the people here are playing. Tell me about the cool systems you are trying out or about your campaigns.

What daily games, like Wordle, do you play regularly?
Daily, I play [Wordle]( and [7 Little Words]( when I first get up, but I was wondering what other types of quick games like that that people play regularly.

What about a yuzu channel?
I know it has a lot of users somewhere else

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Summer Game Fest (SGF)
SGF just started. What games are folks looking forward to? Also am I the only one that looks at the games and if it doesn't have a Demo I just go on to the next one? if it has a demo then I look at it to see if I'm interested in it. LOVE demos and miss the days when all games had demos and tried to sell themselves to you.

What games do you break?
I was thinking about a few games where I have broken the tone or balance. Wondering what other people have done similar? My two examples: **This War Of Mine**. A moody, atmospheric game about survival and the toll of war. The city is randomly generated, but depending on what locations are available it is breakable. The most common way for me is a super market location with the event of a lone soldier preparing to attack a woman. If the player has a knife, backstabbing the soldier is an easy kill and nets an assault rifle as loot. An early game assault rifle opens a ton of possibilities when you learn how enemy AI works. AI enemies can be ambushed by making noise on the other side of a closed door, when the enemy is in their animation to open the door they are easy pickings. I have used this technique to single handed wipe out an entire military base which nets more food, weapons, and supplies than I’d ever need. My survivors end up living in a comfortable, fully upgraded house. **STALKER Shadow Of Chernobyl**. This is a more messed up break. In the early game the player starts in a village of rookies, and down the road is a small military check point. I take the terrible starting pistol and shoot potshots at the military patrol to aggro them, and I lead them back to the rookie village. Once the military and rookies start fighting I go hide near Sidrovich’s bunker and go inside if somebody finds me (enemies don’t follow into the bunker). Eventually the military kill all the rookies but take casualties themselves and are wounded. I pick up a few guns and finish off the military survivors. Then make lots and lots of trips to Sidrovich to sell him dozens of assault rifles and armor sets.

Quite excited about this. First title was a sleeper hit for me and this looks to be taking it up a level.

World of Horror’s release date is confirmed for October 19, 2023, and will be available on PC, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

Can anyone suggest me a game that includes travel and is preferably not open world? Details inside…
I really really enjoyed the gameplay loop in Half Life 2 where you have a vehicle and traverse the map in a linear way. You travel, stop, solve puzzles, fight and again travel (and get upgrades along the way). You kind of form a relationship with your vehicle. It was such a great feeling. It feels like a journey and was oddly satisfying and scratched this specific itch. Any game suggestions that can trigger a similar feeling? Bonus if there's some survival stuff thrown in like hunger, fuel, vehicle maintenance etc. :) EDIT: Just to add, I get a similar feeling when I play FTL. You have a ship that you continue improving, and you are going from point A to B with adventures along the way.

Like the title says, I’ve been painting figures with cheap dollar store craft paints (and a few other cheap materials) rather than “proper” hobby paints. Gauging if there is interest among people who might want to try mini painting but are intimidated by price or the idea of complexity. These minis were printed on a lower quality printer, then primed with some kind of mystery spray paint during bad weather, then given to me. So this would be a guide in making tabletop standard baseline minis, and people following it would probably have better results than me but I’d do a starter guide if there is enough interest for me to take pictures and notes.

Has Jedi Survivor been patched for PC?
I was told that Jedi Survivor wasn't great on PC. Has it improved since its release? If I buy it now, can I play it without issues?

Has anybody played the new Etryian Odyssey HD collection and how do they compare to the originals?
The only EO game I've played was IV on the 3DS. I bought it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I was looking forward to this new collection but the price is kind of putting me off so I might just get one instead. Anyway! Has anyone played both? How do they compare? Are they worth getting for this price or should I wait for a sale?

It's in early access but if you have a PC with a decent CPU it's definitely worth checking out. It's an open world, procedurally generated murder mystery game. The scope of the generated world is mind boggling, to the point where the murder suspects sometimes go to store to buy the murder weapons, and leave fingerprints there.

For all those Mac owners out there, rejoice that "proper" gaming could be just around the corner. Sadly for me, my 2015 MacBook Pro doesn't support Sonoma, so I can't (yet) take advantage of this. But maybe the folks working on OpenCore will manage to get it working, in which case I'll be jumping all over this.

What happened to the Ridge Racer series?
They've not seen a "mainline" numbered release of Ridge Racer since 2006, a spin off on ps vita in 2011 and a PS3/X360 in name only "Ridge Racer" unbounded. So yeah, what happened? I miss the simple arcade racers. I loved Horizon Chase Turbo, but I would love to see Ridge Racer take the arcade racer crown back!

Summer Games Fest is 1 day away. What are your hopes?
Summer Games Fest will probably be *the* event this faux-E3 season. What are you expecting/hoping to see tomorrow? I'm personally hoping for: * Another trailer for Judas * Elden Ring DLC teaser * Hollow Knight Silksong trailer * Hades 2 Release Date * Demon's Souls PC port (one can dream)

If like me, you don’t play OG Doom but want to watch a really amazing project, the above video (which I’m not associated with in any way) is an unexpected journey.

Suggestions for slightly older AAA games for Steam Deck?
Recently finished Bioshock, Spec-Ops: The Line and Nier Automata (not so old, but played really well). I'd love any suggestions for older AAA titles that are worth a play-through!

This game is such a roller coaster of emotions. Some of the most beautiful imagery I've ever seen in a video game. Genuinely awesome soundtrack (both the licensed music and original material). There were moments when it was frustrating and boring, and the storytelling can sometimes be way to literal and explanation based. But I truly did love the story underneath, as it was one of hope and the importance of connection to get through rough times. Some subjects hit real close to home for me, and at times it can get quite depressing, but this strong sense of hope and helping each other is always there to lift you back up. Again, some game mechanics and cut scenes really didn't work for me, but other parts of the game will be forever in my mind. I'm rating it a 7.5<->10.5 out of 10. I've decided conventional scales don't cut it for games like this. I would love to know your opinions if you want to share them!

Minecraft modpack dev Luna Pixel Studios reporting malicious code being uploaded to CurseForge
Chorb, admin for Luna Pixel studios: >Hi, LPS dev here, would like to clear up a few things: >As of a couple hours ago, tens of mods & modpacks, mostly on 1.16.5, 1.18.2 and 1.19.2 have been updated to include malicious files. These projects include When Dungeons Arise, Sky Villages, and the Better MC modpack series. The Curseforge profile of these accounts show someone logging into them directly. >It is very likely that someone has access to several large Curseforge profiles and have found a way of bypassing 2FA to log into them. [Discord Anouncement by Luna Pixel studios with more info]( [Direct Message link to CurseForge discord post by community moderator]( If you are a MineCraft Enjoyer (and I'd suggest until the impact is understood, if you play any game that uses mods or addons through CurseForge, like WoW for example), in an abundance of caution don't update your mods/addons. Apparently the intent of the malicious code is to make infected servers into botnet nodes.

Anyone else here right into emulation/roms/CFW and retro handhelds? What’ve you got + what are you playing?

The first time I messed around in Unity, I made a test area with a borrowed skeleton model from an asset library. I gave it basic AI so it would chase and attack me. The attacks would knock off chunks of my health. I messed up the programming with the gun, so bullets did not damage the skeleton's health as intended, but they did knock it back. If you look close you can actually see grey spheres being shot at the skeleton, and a bunch on the ground on the right- those are bullets, spawning from the player and shooting out as actual gameworld objects. This resulted in unintended frantic gameplay with a skeleton that would sprint at me if I got too close, that could only be pushed back by a stream of bullets but never killed.

Haha I'm totally not doing this just to find and play a great underrated indie game. ^^

Not sure if I am allowed to share my own gaming criticism here (I don't post that often, so don't worry about spam), but I recently put together some thoughts about RE4 Remake and I think it turned out pretty okay!

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