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[D&D Tavern] The Flying Forest
The Flying Forest is owned by an unmarried androgynous person and their girlfriend. One of the owners is a member of a race that is common for the area, while the other owner's race is uncommon in the area. One of the owners has no hidden secrets or unusual quirks, but the other is actually a doppelganger. Before owning the tavern, one of the owners had a job as an entertainer, while the other studied to be a wizard, but couldn't make it. The inspiration for the tavern's name was an inside joke. It is a tavern of poor quality, and its main draw is its connection to the criminal underworld. One of the owners of The Flying Forest tends the bar to maintain the illusion of the tavern being of poor quality. Their disposition is generally described as excessively energetic. They are ugly, with bronzed skin and dark brown hair in a drawn-up style. Physically, they are incredibly stocky. On a typical night, the clientele at The Flying Forest can be described as wonderfully raucous. On this occasion, there are a couple other people currently in the tavern. They are arguing over how to split the bill. The rooms for rent at The Flying Forest are unmistakably average sized and filthy. There is currently one room available for rent. The cost for a night's stay is 8 cp. If the party spends the night in the tavern, the owner who is actually a doppelganger attempts to murder and take the place of one of the party members.

Games recommendations?
Sometimes there is no time for a bigger TTRPG session, but one still want to do something at the D&D universe. Are there any special computer games one can play? Perfectly with Linux support, or Proton.

Dark Alliance
Has someone already tried the game? Is it possible to choose Drow as a playable race?

Boggles, sometimes referred to as bogeymen or simply bogeys, were trickster fey that delighted in japing the beings of the Material Plane. Often thought of as the figments of overactive imaginations, boggles used their dimension warping abilities and ingenuity to disappear from sight, but not without leaving behind some kind of trouble.

Steampunk elements in D&D
I wonder, how far I can go with steampunk elements in D&D. Would be a mechanical arm, which is moved with magic, too much?

Dwarves are creatures of stone, and like stone, they change only in response to extremes. The dwarves of the many worlds share much in common, but never allow those similarities to blind you to their unique traits. – Mordenkainen

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