Mods feel free to remove. The fedizens first global chess tournament!
cross-posted from: > *Roses are red* > > *Violets are blue* > > *You're gonna sign up for this chess tournament* > > --- > > --- > > # How to play: > > 0. Most important! Share this event as widely as possible! Post on the fediverse and even on your Facebook, Reddit, tiktok etc > > 1. Sign up in the comments here. Just say your signing up. > > 2. I'll arrange brackets. Or if you particularly want to play someone, mention it in the comments and I'll pair you guys up > > 3. I'm open to suggestions, but lichess seems like the easiest way to set up matches, but really, if you can get your opponent to agree to use like Minetest chess, go for it! > > 4. If someone off the fediverse wants to play, have them contact me somehow. You could even relay their messages to me. > > # prizes: > > - once [the fedizens enquirer news paper]( is up and running, you'll be featured there. > > - myself, [](, Michael from [Perthchat]( and/or []( will simp for you > > - paid tournament will follow later on, if enough interest > > --- > > Has this ever been attempted before?

I noticed that many of the general meme groups have a lot of political posts and thought it would be good to have a community exclusively for posting non-political memes. I hope it can add some levity to everyone's scrolling!
fedilink It's supposed to be like's world News, but civil

Lemmy Release v0.16.6 - A few bug fixes
Sry for not announcing sooner.
fedilink A community for all things related to the horror genre, from big name franchises to indie works to creepypasta. Come over and be afraid with us!

On beehaw

Request for new Moderators for community "feminism" on
Hello, recently, a user requested moderation action in a thread in the sublemmy feminism. I came a bit late to the party since i am the only moderator there. Therefore, i request assistance in moderating this sublemmy. Please send me direct messages when you are interested. Things i wish for: * trans and queer inclusive * taking racism seriously * general interest to understand what patriarchy means and how it works, with an intention to abolish patriarchy. At least curiosity in that area would be nice. * some kind of leftist/anarchist/anticapitalist * active user of lemmy --> direct message if interested.

Vegan BTW - A Vegans-only Lemmy server.
We're just getting started, and brainstorming on some new communities to start. Felino/caninotarians welcome!

New community: No context
~~Catch lemmings when they're vulnerable and cross post it~~ The title of your submission should be a quote taken out of context from a comment on the internet. Exs can be seen here: --- Ex 2: i'm talking about fixing my truck (shout out to [!]( ) []( : try adding a new airbag Me: It doesn't fit, it's too big You: Ping op (me in the example) and make a post titled "It doesn't fit, it's too big" --- An alternative sub name is "that's what she/they said"

New community: Life Pro Tips What is a Life Pro Tip? A Life Pro Tip (or an LPT) is a specific action with definitive results that improves life for you and those around you in a specific and significant way. Keep in mind that an aphorism is not a LPT. An aphorism is a a short clever saying that is intended to express a general truth or a concise statement of a principle. Examples of aphorisms: “A barking dog never bites.” “No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.” “All stones are broken stones.”

RollenspielMonster - A German language instance for roleplayers.
Hello all, I would like to introduce our Lemmy instance, it is basically aimed at German language roleplayers and is part of my collection of free/decentralized software.

/c/shoplifting a communty about shoplifting and more in general about the reappropriation of goods by the proletariat
i hope its allowed, if not pls tell me and i will move it to another instance.

Join us to discuss, review or share the news about solo rpg's you enjoy!

Sub about monkeypox
Buckle up folks

Post anything that has caveman / cave person vibes. Check sub for examples

Largely a meme sublemmy about all the times communists and fascists agree on things. I wasn’t going to make this, but somebody will eventually and at least i intend this to be light hearted ribbing as oppose to some bone crunching

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