New rule on hostility toward anarchism
As a result of this community's existence on a site that is often hostile to its ideas, we'll be implementing a new rule: **4. This is not the place to debate the merits of anarchism itself. While discussion is encouraged, getting in your "epic dunks on the anarkiddies" is not. As a result of the instance's poor moderation policies and hostility toward anarchists by default, lemmygrad users are encouraged not to post here, though not explicitly disallowed if they aren't just looking to start a fight.**

What discrete leftist symbol could i wear in public to try to meet other leftists?
cross-posted from: > Hammer and sickle would be a good way to get killed over here. The anarchism (A) is mostly a fashion icon - I spoke to a guy who was wearing a (A) and another who was wearing a che guarvara shirt - both of them bought it cause they thought it looked cool. > > Discrete enough that rightwingers won't recognize it, but not so discrete that lefties can't recognize it. Also cant be a shirt cause i have to be able to unequip it like a badge. > > I was thinking the [iww black cat, but that specifically represents sabotage]( which means it might as well sign up for food stamps immediately if i owned that. > > Lgbt+ symbols: so many people wear these, i doubt someone would walk over to me and specifically strike up a convo over me wearing these > > Doesnt matter if i met a left anarchist or communist, they agree on like 90% of things and I just need people to try to organize. > > I was thinking about wearing a fediverse thing, but most fedizens are online only kind of people.

Socialism is a step towards anarchism right? Why isn't social democracy a step towards socialism? Leftists generally seem oppose to stepwise progression, why?
cross-posted from: > Someone once said a transition will take 500 yrs which implies stepwise progression Edit: Step zero Capitalism Step one social democracy Step 2 socialism Step 3 communism While social Democrats might not want socialism, just co-op the movement/party / whatever and just transition it to socialism?

Pixelfed instances
Anyone have any suggested pixelfed instances? I am more interested in community than content. Happy to apply if needed

**Any one else who is basically anarchist not read much theory?** Meme from lemmygrad. I like some of their anti anarchism memes, vibes with my sense of humor lool. @communists; in another life where i read all 69 books from your fav communist study guide, maybe i'd be a communist. Also make a dedicated anti anarchist meme sub and @ it to me lmao! Call it anarkitty :3

Critic this video
Vid Title: What is anarchy? Seems like a good primer to me, has high production quality which hopefully will get people to actually watch the whole vid

Synonyms for anarchist? Or any leftist really
Anarchist the word has a lot of negative connotations. I was thinking punk is possible but: `Punk: Of uncertain origin. Possibly from the application of the sense punk (“rotten wood dust used as tinder”) (attested since 1678) to anything worthless (attested since 1869) and then to any undesirable person (since 1908).` Which is also negative. There must be one positive synonym for anarchists? Harder to sell libs into a philosophy that has main stream definition that are effective "villain"

God i want my punchline to be "I am a market anarchist" Same energy as 'I am groot' except instead of being a tree man i'll be a coal man

*Documentary **“We Were Smart”** sheds light on the shunned subculture shamate and China’s urban-rural gulf* ------ “Shamate don’t understand the world, nor does the outside world understand shamate,” says director Li Yifan of the subject of his new documentary, a wildly controversial subculture that emerged in China in the late ’00s. His film, We Were Smart (杀马特, 我爱你), gives a rare look into the life and struggles of this group of marginalized, often poor rural youths through their own accounts. It has helped reopen old wounds and spark conversations around class and conformity, over a decade on from the vicious takedown that marked the end of the shamate movement. Focused largely around rural migrant workers who’d travelled to China’s cities to get in on, and help power, the country’s economic boom, shamate was largely identified by its outlandish fashion sense, makeup and hairstyles. Spreading through dedicated online forums, the subculture’s name came from the Chinese transliteration for the word “smart” — “sha-ma-te.” Li spent two years collecting 915 first-hand video recordings from former shamate members, as well as conducting full-length interviews with 78 of them. According to the director, almost all shamate participants were second-generation migrant kids who were born in the ’90s and hailed from underserved villages and towns. In the documentary, one trend that emerges is that many of these young people were “left-behind children,” kids whose parents had taken jobs in major urban areas, leaving their offspring with grandparents at home in the village. Many talk of only seeing their parents on occasion, such as during the national Spring Festival holiday. Many of the interviewees also relay how they dropped out of school at a very early age and went to look for work themselves, often heading to manufacturing hubs on the basis of a vague lead or tip from a fellow villager. Once there, the young migrant workers found themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and often in intense, exploitative working arrangements. In search of an outlet for pent-up tensions and a sense of belonging, they formed their own identity: shamate. Public parks and roller rinks near these manufacturing hubs quickly became shamate strongholds. Groups of young people would gather in tight T-shirts and low-waist jeans, sporting hairstyles with varying levels of flamboyant colors and electric curls sticking out at different angles. Looking like a mix of elements from US or European glam rock and visual kei from Japan, shamate style was intended to stand out — and it certainly did that. But this also made them a target for the mainstream.

Fellow CIA shills, you know which part of lemmy i'm talking about ;) I'm glad people here don't mindlessly stan countries

Consensus and group facilitation
Consensus is a decision-making process that removes hierarchy and ensures that no minority is dismissed or not heard in the final decision. Everyone must hear what others have to say. In this process, you not only make a decision, you also learn about the ideas, concerns and reservations of everyone involved. However, this is a longer process than just voting, and it can really slow down or stop the decision making. It works best in small gatherings and with people who know each other. For larger gatherings, other forms of group facilitation can be implemented before trying to reach consensus. This page seems to summarize a lot of things about it : ​ ### Here's a bunch of questions for you : * In which situations do you find consensus least suitable ? * What are your tips, and best/worst experiences ? * How often do you use hand signals in assemblies ? Are there new signs replacing older ones ? * Good documentation anyone should read ? ​

Why are some minorities so racist against other minorities?
cross-posted from: > I've never heard someone say the N word in person until today I think. One minority (aboriginal) telling me how something about blacks but using the N word instead of blacks/African-american. > > There are a lot of other smaller instances I've seen in my personal life too. > > I've never seen Indian versus Pakistan racism, but I would at least get why that might happen, since history. > > In public policy, the majority (caucasians) are prob the most racist here, but in casual conversation I might hear more minority vs minority racism. I think this partially might be because caucasians have it drilled into them (my city) that they have to not be racist in convo? > > I've never understood why some minority groups didn't come out to support black lives matter (here), but it seems to look like bc they don't care to help out blm bc its not explicitly minority-name-here lives matter > > ☹️

OG pic from Rebirth of Shopping Addict - Ep 01 我不是购物狂

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


  1. Be respectful
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  3. Argue about the point and not the person
  4. This is not the place to debate the merits of anarchism itself. While discussion is encouraged, getting in your “epic dunks on the anarkiddies” is not. As a result of the instance’s poor moderation policies and hostility toward anarchists by default, lemmygrad users are encouraged not to post here, though not explicitly disallowed if they aren’t just looking to start a fight.

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